Dropbox Search Results in Widen Media Collective 6.4.jpg

Dropbox search results in Widen Media Collective's new version 6.4

Widen’s version 6.4 of its cloud-based Media Collective digital asset management software is out, and it features integration with fellow cloud occupant Dropbox. 

Deanna Ballew, Widen's manager of development and infrastructure, noted in a statement that the integration allows files to be synced to devices using “an application they are already familiar with.” She added that user wait time is eliminated, since Dropbox “does everything behind the scenes and notifies the users when the files are available.”

FedEx Days

The company said a majority of its user base already uses Dropbox. Benefits of the integration include synchronization between devices, notification when files are available on devices and the ability to automatically upload files to the DAM system into a specific folder.

After a Dropbox user account is authenticated in Media Collective, all the Download buttons in the Media Collective appear as Dropbox buttons.

Learning Opportunities

Widen said the Dropbox integration in version 6.4 was inspired by ideas generated during a recent intensive two-day development session. Those sessions take place at Widen twice a year for two days each, in which development teams stop all other projects and go all-out to create new, working prototypes in 48 hours. Called FedEx Days -- assumedly because developers are rushing to deliver -- the sessions “typically involve working on something a developer has encountered throughout the year,” according to Widen’s blog. This could include a project for streamlining operations, for creatively solving a client problem -- or just something cool.

Other Enhancements

Other enhancements in 6.4 include a guided tour for new users, the ability to embed XMP and IPTC metadata when downloading assets, a revised upload tool that eliminates the need for third-party plugins and the automatic generation of previews of InDesign files, including files inside ZIPs. There are also new search options for deleted assets or users.

Visual enhancements include a revised user interface intended to provide a cleaner look for category browsing and search results displays, a revamped selection panel for downloading or batch editing assets, updated interfaces for conversion selection, order pickup or user profiles, and new preview icons for assets that do not have previews available.

The previous version of Widen Media Collective, version 6.3, was released in February. It featured enhanced search, a new Ratings function, updated metadata editing for batch editing and a new knowledge base.