Are You Heading to the AdobeSummit

Are You Heading to the #AdobeSummit?

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Adobe will spotlight its Marketing Cloud and digital experience enhancements on a full stage here -- fuller than ever.

There will be record attendance at the annual Adobe Summit Digital Marketing Conference this week at the Salt Palace Convention Center. More than 6,000 digital marketers, technologists, e-commerce and omnichannel professionals will attend — about 20 percent more than last year.

There are good reasons for the record attendance. The $1 billion Adobe Marketing Cloud is getting kudos from top industry analysts at Forrester and Gartner. Both company's rated the platform No. 1 in their latest marketing cloud industry reports.

"We've talked about marketers needing to reinvent themselves last year," said Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product development for the technology at the heart of Adobe's digital platform, Adobe Experience Manager. "We know that just doesn't happen. Reinvention is a journey around the customer journey. It's a personal journey, and we'll be talking about what that journey looks like and the future of digital marketing."

Beyond the Praise

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Kudos and attendance numbers aside, this is a technology company. What are the big advancements on tap this week for the 13,500-employee tech giant?

Officials for San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe Systems told CMSWire there will be updates to the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The new arrivals include Adobe Primetime and Audience Manager. Those two join Adobe Campaign, Experience Manager (its Web CMS), Media Optimizer, Analytics, Social and Target.

Primetime is a multi-screen TV platform and Audience Manager is a data management platform. There will also be new capabilities in Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics.

The Audience Manager updates provide insight into customer journeys. They include a new Audience Marketplace, where marketers can buy and sell anonymous audience data, and cross-device identification, that pinpoint which member of a household is using a device.

Adobe Primetime allows marketers and ad operations professionals to import first, second and third-party audience data into Audience Manager. Then they can execute ad campaigns targeting specific audience segments.

Learning Opportunities

With cross-device frequency capping, media companies can now deliver personalized ads across platforms, and ensure that a single user with more than one device doesn’t have to watch the same ad with more than the desired number of exposures.

Adobe already had those two solutions. But now they're integrated into the marketing cloud. "More and more brands are adopting these solutions into the marketing cloud, so we're making it official," Stark said.

Going Mobile

Adobe also announced an all-in-one mobile platform.Officials claim it will make it easier to transition from app development and user acquisition to app analytics and user engagement.

Adobe also extended its group of partners, adding six top app technology providers.

"We're not just innovating in a vacuum," Stark said. "We're building a platform that other tech vendors can add innovations to. Last year, we announced the Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange where tech vendors can upload various innovations on top of the Adobe Marketing Cloud."

Web CMS Boost

Adobe boosted its Adobe Experience Manager Assets in the area of digital asset management (DAM). It's added more than 30 asset management features.

Adobe Experience Manager includes millions of assets in the cloud. AEM Assets is now available in three deployment models, all:

  • On Demand
  • Managed services (hosted by Adobe)
  • On-premises

We have very ambitious goals," Stark said, "around digital."