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Talk of phones being obsolete in the business world "doesn't make any sense."

Irv Shapiro, CEO/CTO of Chicago-based DialogTech, believes this. And it's why his company releases technology designed to help marketers make the most sense of phone traffic.

Today, the company released a new product to its suite -- and the rebranding of the company from Ifbyphone to DialogTech. 

His company "bets on the suite." It's better than competitors because it offers a full suite of offerings that include but go beyond call tracking.

"The suite has won," he told CMSWire. "Just look at Oracle, which had all these competitors in the past that are gone. Same with Adobe."

Inside New Offering

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The new product for DialogTech is LeadFlow, which handles call routing, attribution and management built specifically for lead sellers.

Lead gen agencies, marketers and pay-per-call advertisers can use the technology to connect callers from any marketing channel in live conversation with buyers.

"We're talking about building relationships," Shapiro told CMSWire. "Our premise is simple -- technologies in the e-commerce space have attempted to steal our humanity.

"They've attempted to say you can put anything in a shopping cart, that call centers will be empty spaces. And that you shouldn't want to talk to someone from a business that is selling you a product or services from. We think that just doesn't make any sense." 

Learning Opportunities

The LeadFlow tool can help with call routing challenges when leading marketing campaigns for multiple lead buyers, he said. It also provides "clear attribution" for every phone lead generated and visibility into the duration and outcome of every call, he added.

It's a new addition to DialogTech’s Voice360 voice-based platform that aims to optimize phone leads.

Why Rebrand?

The DialogTech name change follows the company’s late-2014 acquisition of Mongoose Metrics. 


Company officials said the corporate rebrand "reflects the company’s continued commitment to helping its customers grow revenue and build profitable, lasting customer relationships through conversation." The only change is the new DialogTech branding across the website and customer portal.

"The power of conversation is no longer about the ‘phone,’ as our old name suggests," Shapiro said. "It’s about engaging with customers in meaningful dialog, no matter what device they use. It’s about the desire customers have to talk to a business in a uniquely human way."

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