Can DOZ Help You Find the Best Local Marketers

Can DOZ Help You Find the Best Local Marketers?

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The DOZ online marketing platform allows organizations to go to the bullpen and get a relief for their marketing campaigns.

(It's Opening Day. We couldn't resist).

So what does it really do?

DOZ, a product of Lyon, France-based Capseo, claims it can help any website reach audiences in foreign markets through automatically curated and localized marketers.

It helps small and medium size businesses access marketers on-demand and launch online marketing campaigns. The platform launched in 2013.

In a vast marketing technology landscape, DOZ enters the mix and offers up actual marketers -- and marketing campaigns.

"Other platforms connect businesses and agencies with freelancers, but the quality of the work is rarely guaranteed and the freelancers bid against each other in a race to the bottom," said Anji Ismail, CEO and co-founder of DOZ.

"Sure, it’s cheap and it’s even sometimes good, but it’s rarely great. DOZ has curated a network of marketing experts that now numbers more than 5,000. All must provide proof of their abilities and expertise, and all are vetted before being assigned tasks by DOZ’s matching algorithm."

Platform Expansion

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DOZ last week launched a new global marketing platform. The extension comes on the heels of two modifications to the platform: what DOZ officials called a new agency-friendly, three-tier business model and a catalog of pre-defined tasks.

Customers can purchase on-demand services through customization in the new model, choosing from available marketers located in 30 different countries and working in 15 languages.

In an interview with CMSWire, Ismail said the DOZ platform works with any-sized organization. It allows small and medium businesses to access expert marketers on-demand and launch online marketing campaigns "with just a few clicks."

For bigger businesses, the CEO said, the platform allows in-house marketing teams to synchronize with external experts in a single space and manage marketing campaigns "with ease."

For agencies, the platform gives organization the expertise of 5,000 marketers in dozens of countries, thus allowing them to offer clients local, linguistic and "culturally relevant marketing" for their international campaigns.

Learning Opportunities

Inside the Tech

When using the DOZ tech, users assign marketing tasks directly to the most relevant marketing experts. A built-in peer-review system "guarantees" the quality of the completed tasks. The DOZ platform comes with payment and contract administration.


"In short," Ismail said, "users ask for a specific marketing task to be completed by a certain date and the DOZ platform ensures that it is."

Why is this offering unique from others?

Ismail said his team's platform helps organization avoid headaches of finding freelancers. According to Ismail, experts do not bid against each other for work. DOZ assigns the expert best equipped to complete the task.

"As well as connecting businesses with these vetted experts, the platform also allows users to assign tasks to marketers within their company," said Ismail, whose team of about 15 has an office in San Francisco, Calif. "If the best person for the job is already working for the company, the platform allows the user to assign the task to that team member. This coupled with the reporting and analytics baked-into the platform makes DOZ more than just an outsourcing or pro-sourcing platform -- it’s a total marketing management tool."

'Exclusive' Offering

Asked about competitors, Ismail cited, which allows businesses to connect with copywriters and content creators and carefully vets the freelancers. Ismail called HubSpot "a great marketing management platform, and there’s a reason so many companies have integrated it into their workflows."

"DOZ, though," he added, "is both a platform for managing marketing teams and campaigns, and a means for connecting with a large network of vetted marketers. It’s an advantage that, for the moment, we are happy to offer exclusively."

Ismail said you "pay as you go with DOZ credits."

His team is planning a version 2, "but the next iteration will include external integration and also some more customization for large enterprises."

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