Marketing Wisdom from Netflix's House of Cards

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(8-26 UPDATE) If you're a digital marketer, odds are you didn't learn everything you needed to learn in kindergarten. Nope, you probably learned it from TV — that shining source of all modern wisdom.

In the past year, we've shared what marketers could learn from AMC's Breaking Bad and HBO's Game of Thrones. Now we're shifting the focus to the Netflix exclusive House of Cards, the drama that surprised many people by failing to win the big prize at this year's Emmy Awards. 

Monetate, a provider of marketing personalization solutions, is a fan, despite the show's surprisingly poor performance at the Emmys. In fact, the loss may even make the insight shared by the characters on the show all the more interesting.

Why? Because the true test of great marketing occurs not when situations unfold as expected but when they fall apart faster than a ball of string in the paws of a kitten.

Lessons Learned

So back to House of Cards, which was nominated a total of 13 times this year ... and won exactly one, for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series. Woo hoo.

Learning Opportunities

What would lead character Frank Underwood say?

Before the awards show, Monetate noted that Underwood has a lot to offer digital marketers. And in recognition of that reality, it transformed some of Frank's best quotes into a slideshare with insight for digital marketers.

Scroll through the presentation below. And then look at the video below it — Netflix's perfect response to the award show's disappointing results. In this case, the wisdom is from Doug Stamper, another character on the show.

After the Emmys ended, Netflix posted the following clip from the show, which features Stamper making a phone call. "Jim," he asks. "It's Doug Stamper. I thought we had a deal."