SDL Banks on Data Integration in Latest Update

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Digital marketers need tools that make it easy to orchestrate and optimize cross-channel interactions at scale. David Schweer, senior product marketing manager at SDL, provided that current industry snapshot in an interview with CMSWire.

It's the foundation of a product update Maidenhead, England-based SDL released today.

SDL released a new version of SDL Campaigns, a component of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC). Company officials claim it will help organizations orchestrate and optimize customer interactions across all channels through one single view of the customer.

Why SDL?

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Have you heard this promise before? Real time interactions. Right moment. Right time. Right message. We have. What's different about SDL? 

Schweer claims it's the depth of integration that SDL Campaigns has with other products, along with the use cases that then become easily available for marketers.

"We think we do that better than anyone else in the market. We truly believe in the strength of the data integration, and we're able to push segments out to different channels -- and the ability to bring data in and allow the marketer to rebuild that data and push it out," he said.

Schweer also cited SDL's language heritage -- making it easier for a marketer to bring its brand to the world and engage with customers in its preferred language. 

Learning Opportunities

He added that many competitors offer "abandoned cart" targeted messages. SDL goes beyond that and taps into true mobile real time engagement, Schweer said.

It's a big promise, if you consider how Gartner feels mobile marketing platforms aren't quite there yet beyond the basics.

Inside the Platform

SDL updates its campaign management platform with the following capabilities:

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  • Real time marketing: Takes historical transaction data, demographic data and current contextual data from sources such as the SDL CXC or existing technology solutions to power real-time marketing use cases
  • Journey ID: Automates the manual process of consolidating, organizing and making customer data usable to the marketer
  • Digital Marketing Dashboards: Ensures, SDL officials promised, that marketers can bring in campaign data from new digital channels to provide a complete view of marketing in real-time

Schweer called it "super easy" to manage one marketing channel, like email, but it trickier when the journey includes multiple channels. This means marketers have to get away from the old "batch and blast" method.

The updates are "completely driven," Schweer said, "by consumer behavior and preferences. Marketing is now getting organized down to individual interactions that can be optimized with consumers. A lot of that is driven obviously by mobile devices. There is a lot of personal data that you can capture about a consumer but there's also a lot of really interesting contextual data. What are they doing right now? When you combine those two things it really creates an interesting experience."

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