Stock Photo Agency Adds Social to Search

Stock Photo Agency Adds Social to Search

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Sure a picture is worth a whole lotta words. But how do you find the right picture to use in your marketing?

As anyone who has combed the archives of a stock photo site can attest, it isn't easy. 

But Dreamstime, a stock photography agency based in Brentwood, Tenn., claims it has a solution. It's factoring social media into its search function.

So Many Images, So Little Time

Sifting through 26 million images can be a challenge. So Dreamstime now gives each of its 8.6 million users photo suggestions based on their past use and preferences.  The feature considers what customers have already bought, their browsing history and demographic information.

Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder of Dreamstime, noted in a statement that the newpersonalization feature appeals to "natural creativity andcuriosity, as well as the desire to be current, up-to-date andrelevant.” He described it as “an effective motivator" in getting customers tocheck out the images that other people are buying.

Learning Opportunities

Dreamstime is also factoring factor social media into  its algorithms. Enache said imagesthat are shared in social media accounts by designers,photographers and other users can "return a wealth of data.”

The goal is to use data to help customers find what they need and "dive user discovery," Enache claimed.

Title image by Robert Red / Dreamstime Stock Photos.