Teradata announced enhancements to its marketing cloud today that are designed to enhance both digital and more traditional marketing.

Michael Lummus, director of digital marketing solutions of Miami Township, Ohio-based Teradata Corp., told CMSWire that Teradata understands that customers don't differentiate between digital and non-digital interactions with brands. "They view it holistically," he said.

DAM Improvement 

That's why Teradata is marrying each side of marketing into one platform. The company, which has about 10,000-plus employees, is debuting the offerings this week at its partner conference in Nashville, Tenn. The enhancements come in areas such as:

  • Digital asset management and asset performance tracking
  • Real-time interaction management for both known and anonymous sources

Teradata officials say they'll give marketers the ability to leverage data in real-time throughout the customer lifecycle, improve customer experiences across multiple channels and devices and more meaningfully personalize messages and content.

The Teradata Marketing Applications products announced today include new versions of: 

  • Teradata Marketing Operations
  • Teradata Customer Interaction Manager
  • Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager 
  • Teradata Digital Messaging Center
  • Advanced user interface across all solutions

Data Specialists

Teradata's big push is data-driven marketing. Its backbone may be its analytics offerings, which users love. Teradata in April announced three innovations that delivered analytic power, breakthrough speed for analytics and cross the big data chasm.

But it's also gotten some love in its digital marketing services, including some citations in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Learning Opportunities

Teradata’s customer interaction management with integrated dialogue real-time and digital messaging capabilities, all delivered in the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, is a strength, Gartner reported.

“Since 2013, Teradata has added a real-time interaction manager with enhanced user interface (UI) and a ‘data anywhere’ open database, notably outside of the Teradata Warehouse, strategy for segmentation and marketing intelligence, visualization capabilities, and master data management integration.”

Teradata, Gartner added, still needs to improve its managed services and support for Software-as-a-Service clients.

“Some references said that features from prior versions were not carried over and defects and feature requests need more attention,” Gartner said. “Teradata is working with customers to address these requests.”

Title image by Jason Eberle  (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.