Tweets That Capture the Heart of Digital Marketing MarTech

Tweets That Capture the Heart of Digital Marketing #MarTech

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Bravo to Scott Brinker and the folks putting on the first Marketing Technology Conference in Boston this week.

Great speakers. Great diversity. Great content. Great networking.

But let's face it -- there's some great tweeting, too. Much of live-event action these days happens in the Twitterverse.

Here, we dive in with some of our favorites:

Marketers Like Good News

This Tweet came in the presentation Tuesday by Laura McLellan, vice president of marketing strategies for Gartner Research. Attendees were quite pleased with stats like this -- and no wonder. It shows CEOs investing in digital marketing.

So far, McLellan's presentation has easily drawn the most applause from the crowd, and most likely because there was no "doom and gloom" in it.Gartner's message: Digital marketing is booming, and spending in its technologies will outpace spending in raw IT.

Lighting-Fast Changes

It would not be a marketing/twitter story without something from Vala Afshar. Vala's speaking here today, and he's a favorite of many in the industry (including us).

Many digital marketers here this week are struggling with technology because it's moving so fast, they told us. They are afraid to commit/invest in one piece of tech while another provider is innovating somewhere else. 

One of the speakers, Travis Wright, CEO of MediaThinkLabs, told attendees to be careful of investing in a large marketing cloud because so many others are innovating at the same time -- perhaps in "some garage" somewhere, as he put it.

Marketing Technologists Rule

The evolution of the marketing technologist is an obvious theme here at the, well, Marketing Technology Conference. This tweet kinda summed it up for us.

Learning Opportunities

Lots of folks in the past two days talking about the convergence of marketing and IT, and from which direction that convergence should come.

Should technologists become marketers? Or should marketers get more tech savvy? The answer seems to be both this week. One can't live without the other, pretty much.

Tech Not Cure

As much as technology is a theme here in Boston, attendees and speakers have also stressed it's not the be-all, end-all for marketing today.

Remember, great marketing is great marketing, and technology advances that. Marketing is about connecting to people with a message that resonates. In other words, have a crappy message, and it's still a crappy message in any sexy platform.

Second Machine Age

In the self-serving department, we offer our final favorite tweet from ... us.

Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, spoke this morning on his theme of the Second Machine Age, a book he crafted into a New York Times bestseller.

Erik talked about technology's role in our lives and stressed how no matter how advanced we get, tech can't do some things people do. It's another great message to marketers in the digital world to remember to channel their creative selves and not become pigeonholed into a platform.

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