Wayin, a company that makes tools to analyze and integrate social content, today released a social media analytics and display platform designed to make it easier for digital marketers to find, understand and display social content.

The company maintains the product can help marketers organize content to better engage with their target audiences — whether those targets are by age, profession or geography.

Information Overload

Wayin CEO Elaine Feeney said the abundant content on social media sites makes it difficult for both consumers and enterprise to organize and contextualize it to fit personal preferences. While “organized chaos” may be acceptable in the consumer space, enterprise users need better options that can help them develop marketing strategies, she said.

The new platform's display capabilities allows content "to be used in a way that encourages audiences to interact,” Feeney said.

Wayin's platform offers in-depth, real time searches of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It  further breaks down the results not only chronologically, but also based on location and gender. Marketers and other professionals can then more easily determine the context and sentiment around social content and analyze the conversations that arise from it. That will help them to develop a more in-depth marketing strategy to sell their products and services, she added.

The platform could benefit a number of verticals, including real estate. ”Real estate trends in real time. Our business is immensely enhanced on being able to not only discover these trends, but to predict, then publish them at a moment's notice to the web or any digital device that our clients use,” said Cade Madison, technology strategist at REAL trends, a real estate consulting and communications company. 

Wayin's tools have been also used in college and professional sports, particularly to engage with fans during games. In addition, retail brands use the tools to offer social content about their products and services to customers online and in-store.

Wayin's enterprise customers include electronics retailer Best Buy, Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten, the NFL's Denver Broncos and The Weather Channel.