Whos Talking What You Need to Know About Social

If you’re a CMO trying to keep up with your peers, a marketer aspiring to be in the C-Suite or a vendor who markets to CMO’s, then this report is for you.

Social Insights: CMO Edition (registration required), is packed with information about where CMO’s hang out on social, what they talk about, who they follow and what they share.

Published by Leadtail in conjunction with Neustar, the report includes insights from analysis of 131,697 Tweets by 1,034 CMO’s and marketing executives across the United States and Canada.

Actionable Data


CMSWire caught up with Carter Hostelley, CEO of Leadtail, to talk about why marketers should care about the report.

“You cannot get closer to the people that you’re trying to understand than essentially listening to what their conversations are on social,” he said. 

“We provide reports to make this data more readily available so it can be actionable and drive marketing strategy, as well as inform CMO’s, or aspirational CMO’s who really want to become more strategic and understand what folks they aspire to be like are doing on social.”

So, what type of action should marketers take after reading the report? Hostelley gave a few to get started.

1. Go Where the CMO’s Are

The first part of this advice has to do with getting on social in the first place.

“If you’re a senior marketer, targeting senior marketers or aspire to be one, you need to be on social,” said Hostelley. “Do not think the buyer is not on social; they are.”

Hostelley also recommends paying attention to where CMO’s work geographically.

As you can see from the location cloud above, although many CMO’s are concentrated in New York City, San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles, a variety of geographic markets are represented.

“CMO’s are not just in metro areas, but in smaller markets,” he said. “If you’re thinking about targeting CMO’s or senior marketers, your event strategy should include both metros and smaller venues.”

2. Do Mobile and Media


Hostelley noted that C-level marketers are increasingly reading, sharing and accessing via mobile, and the content they’re interacting with has shifted from text to video and images.

According to the report, 70 percent of CMO’s sent at least one tweet from their mobile phone during the reporting period. iOS, Twitter for iPad and Instagram were other top mobile apps used.

“If you’re not doing mobile, and leveraging media, then you’re not going to be able to engage C-level executives to the level you aspire,” said Hostelley. “You have to be thinking about questions like, ‘What is our video strategy?’ ‘What’s our graphic strategy?’ ‘Should we be on Instagram?’

3. Engage Influencers


Reaching out to the people that CMO’s mention most is another way to connect with these marketing executives, and can be a rich source to curate speakers for conferences, panels and webinars, said Hostelley.

According to the report, top influencers with CMO’s include @ValaAfshar, @KentHuffman, @pmarca and @darrenrovell.

“You need to know your influencers and peers, and start engaging them,” added Hostelley. “They will share content, and provide credibility and social recommendations to your audience.”

4. Know Which Publishers CMO’s Share


As with influencers, hashtags and social networks, Hostelley recommends building Twitter lists of publishers that CMO’s share most in order to better understand where to buy media or where to get a byline placement.

Top publishers for CMO’s according to the report include @FastCompany, @mashable, @HarvardBiz and @TechCrunch.

Download the Report

To find out more about which topics are most important to CEO’s, which sources are shared most often, and what types of content CMO’s share, download the full report (registration required).

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