Document Mgt Roll-up: The Best Office 365 Enhancements, Metalogix StoragePoint

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Office 365 and the release of three new business SKUs dominated this week in document management news, with the ripples of the release being felt with complementary solutions launched by MetaVis and KnowledgeLake. In other news, Metalogix announced some new developments around StoragePoint, Office 2013 got a new touchscreen guide and Version One rebranded.

Office 365 For Business Users

While the Office 365 release was not exactly news in the sense of unexpected, the release of the SKUs appears to confirm what many have suspected for a long time --that Microsoft is trying to push people online.

But this is more than just SKUs; there are a considerable number of enhancements to Office 365 across all the different applications in the suite, with the enhancements for business users focused on Exchange, Lync and SharePoint.

To find out what the fuss was all about we took a close look at the enhancements and found quite a number that we really liked. 

Office 365 Roll-up

But it wasn’t just Microsoft that has been busy around the release of Office 365, a lot of other Microsoft partners have also been busy, like MetaVis, which announced this week that its migration tools are compatible with the new release.

However, from a document management perspective KnowledgeLake’sannouncement that its document imaging solution is now compatible with Office 365 should be of interest to those that have already signed up, or are thinking about it.

According to KnowledgeLake, the Imaging solution will take advantage of what’s new in SharePoint 2013 and provide new functionality and features that correspond with the upgrades in Office 365, including those that appear in the new SharePoint version that comes with it.

A final word for this week on Office 365 is that finally, seven months after announcing that partners would soon be able to handle customer billing for the Office 365 suite, Microsoft has opened it up.

We are launching the new version of Office 365 tomorrow, the cloud-based version of Office. And along with that, something we've been talking about since the new Open Licensing program that goes along with that," said Jon Roskill of theMicrosoft Partner Network.

The result is that partners are going to be able to manage their revenues and manage the service they offer through Office 365. More on Office 365 as it happens.

Metalogix StoragePoint

Moving away from Office 365, but sticking with SharePoint, Metalogix, which develops content infrastructure software for enterprises, has announced that Metalogix StoragePoint has been validated as part of an EMC VSPEX offering for SharePoint.

StoragePoint moves unstructured SharePoint data, known as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), from the SQL Server to affordable, full SharePoint backup by automatically and continuously backing up externalized BLOBs.

Learning Opportunities

VSPEX enables customers to combine applications like SharePoint and StoragePoint, server, network, and virtualization with EMC’s VNX family of unified storage and next generation backup and recovery technology.

According to Metalogix, the combination of StoragePoint with VSPEX for SharePoint will improve the performance of their SharePoint environments as well as reduce the cost of storing data that is not needed on a daily basis.

Office 2013 Touchscreen Guide

One last visit to Microsoft this week -- this time for those who are looking to optimize their Office 2013 touch screen experience.

Office 2013 touch guide.jpg

Office 2013 Touch Guide

With Office 2013 now generally available, tablet or touchscreen users that have Windows 8 can learn how to get the best from the touchscreen abilities using the Office 2013 Touch Guide.

Released during the week, it is not exactly earth shattering, but will help users adjust to using Office applications by touch. The touch guide starts by illustrating the basics, like zoom in and out, scroll, show keyboard, then covers how to manipulate shapes, objects and text.Well worth it for new users of Office 2013, or those not sure about touch screens. It’s also free, which makes it even better.

Version One Becomes V1

Finally this week, document management Version One has announced that it is rebranding and will in the future go under the name V1 in an attempt to streamline its corporate image of a the provider of excellence in global software.

According to the company, which was founded in the UK and has developed a strong US presence since moving there in 2009, the rebrand provides a unified brand for both the UK business and its sister company in the United States and has been created with simplicity in mind to communicate clearly with its target market.