Hey NetApp Syncplicity Look What EMC and Egnyte are Doing

Hey NetApp & Syncplicity: Look What EMC and Egnyte are Doing

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Based on what the tech press said, present company included, you’d think every enterprise on the planet is rushing to lob its files into the heavens.

But that’s not the case, said Bart Giordano, Vice President of Business Development at Egnyte, which provides enterprise file sharing solutions built from the cloud down.

Instead, he said, many companies are looking at mixed solutions, meaning that they’ll keep their most private and strategic files behind the firewall, other files in the cloud, and still others will take advantage of hybrid architectures.

Not only that, but enterprises will also be able to leverage their existing storage investments without sacrifice.

Integration and Flexibility

Egnyte’s platform aims to optimally balance user demand for seamless access and file sharing capabilities to 100 percent of their data, from any device, regardless of where files are stored, with IT's need for security, control, and compliance.

“When we provide integration, we look at policy based location,” said Giordano. “We’re flexible as to where information is stored on the backend.”

That way files suited for the Cloud can be stored in the (public) Cloud, and those that are not can be stored in house, in Egnyte’s private cloud, or in a policy driven hybrid arrangement, without impacting the user experience in the least.

Users don’t need to concern themselves with where their information lives.

In other words, provided they have permission, they can access files from anywhere, at any time, via any device regardless of how big they are or where they reside. “They can all be viewed through a single pane of glass,” Giordano explained.

What's New

This morning Egnyte announces native integration with the EMC’s VNX product family, transforming VNX enterprise storage into an enterprise file services platform.

Egnyte said that its unique hybrid — cloud and on-premises — architecture, combined with the power of VNX, enables businesses to support file-oriented use cases that demand high performance and infinite storage capacity across multiple sites.

Learning Opportunities

This is accomplished via Egnyte’s Storage Sync for EMC VNX which enables companies to manage all (100 percent) of their files not only across their data center but also at remote offices and in the Cloud under a unified global namespace.

The solution leverages enhanced security controls and provides a centralized view to manage all data, devices and users, so that IT can cloud-enable existing VNX deployments to provide users with fast local and secure remote access to files of any size (it has replicated hundreds of terabytes behind the firewall), and from any location or device.

This capability is what might set Egnyte apart from enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) vendors.

“EFSS is just a component of what we do,” said Giordano.

In summary, Egnyte’s Storage Sync for EMC VNX offers:

  • Enterprise file sync and share for internal and external collaborators
  • Cross-site synchronization for remote office or branch office (RoBo) deployments
  • Policy-based migration and sync of on-prem files to the cloud
  • Business continuity in the event of a network outage or disaster

Finally, it’s worth noting that EMC competitor NetApp partnered with Egnyte on this capability in 2013.

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