Enterprise Content Management (ECM) managers typically struggle between two important imperatives -- delighting users and keeping corporate information assets safe and in compliance. Trying to do both at the same time has proven to be a frustrating experience, especially in a world where more and more work is being done collaboratively from anywhere, at any time, via any one of many devices (be they iPads, iPhones, tablets or Droids…). 

Add to that, that today’s new user is resourceful: if they can’t get the job done with the tool IT has to offer, they download one off the web. This leaves IT in a God-awful position; they’re forced to take on the role of gatekeeper -- blocking access to consumer file-sharing sites they have no control over and no policies for, thereby preventing users who can’t log into the company network from getting their very important work done.

Those days are over. Enter Syncplicity and its Enterprise Edition (EE) which is being introduced today. 

Frictionless File Sharing

Syncplicity EE provides an enterprise-scale, cloud-based file sharing solution that delivers consumer-grade usability with true enterprise-grade security, IT tools and storage control.

"Really?" you might ask, "Can IT actually provide me with something I’d download in my personal life?"

syncplicity windows screen shot.png

“The market was skeptical on whether EMC had it in them to build a frictionless, modern and delightful user experience,” says Jeetu Patel, the General Manager of EMC's Syncplicity business unit. ‘Well, we keep pleasantly surprising the market with Syncplicity's UX.”

It’s a solution that users will want to adopt. It will make their work activities easier and more efficient instead of, quite frankly, being a pain-in-the-ass. The days of shadow IT, in the file sharing and collaboration space, may finally be over.

And IT will catch another much needed break too. Syncplicity simplifies end user deployment and administration at enterprise scale, and empowers IT with complete control over security, policy and storage.

Syncplicity EE Features

Syncplicity’s Enterprise Edition includes:

  • Choice of cloud storage or on premises storage using EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS or EMC Atmos object storage.
  • Connectivity to EMC Documentum, enabling organizations to securely distribute content as part of a managed business process. Syncplicity is deeply embedded into mission-critical workflows thereby extending their value.
  • Geo-replication capability that provides access to files at local speed.
  • New tiered pricing designed for enterprise-scale deployments.
  • Single sign on (SSO) with Active Directory or any SAML-based authentication service, and 2-factor authentication.
  • Support “adaptive authorization,” which means IT can require different levels of authentication based on their location or IP address.