While most of the Web has spent the last 24 hours buzzing over how Google Buzz will do in the social shark tank with Facebook and Twitter, executives have been looking at the enterprise side of things.

Shortly after Google started rolling out Buzz for Gmail, Google Enterprise’s product management director Matthew Glotzbach claimed Buzz would eventually be available for businesses and schools using Google Apps. The businessy version of Buzz is supposed to come with a gang of sharing features for organizations, but Google says it’ll be a few months before we see any real action.

The first thought that comes to mind: is this going to be another Wave thing? You know, where the promise is certainly there, but months down the line it’s like, where’s the fire?

With criticisms about Google Apps already circulating, the outlook for Buzz in the enterprise isn’t exactly great. For example, there are a lot of consumer products out there that don’t work with Google Apps Premier Edition. Moreover, Buzz security concerns raise a big fat red flag.

Then again, Buzz's open architecture could make all the difference. This is still just the beginning and the turn towards social solutions within the enterprise has been moving at a steady pace.

Here a Script, There a Script

Lots and lots of stuff has been going on in the Google Apps Script world as of late. First, Big G opened Script up to Standard Edition users. Previously only available to Education and Premier editions, the expansion allows a ton more users to access the script for all their automating needs. 

Google also makes it easy to get started by providing access to an online Script Editor in Google Spreadsheets:


Google Script Menu

Google also enabled Google Apps Script to access Google Sites, making it that much easier for users to automate several facets of the creation process. 

Making Mobile Moves 

The mobile topic has also seen somewhat of a resurgence.

Google released a mobile application for Buzz along with the Gmail version, a company called Flurry landed US$ 7 million in a Series B round of funding for their analytics tool aimed at mobile application developers, and box.net just added some new collaboration tools to their mobile platform. 

"Business on the web is synonymous with business on a mobile device…" noted Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder.

Watch with us here to see how big of an impact mobile business makes in 2010.