Is Enterprise 3.0 the Mobile Enterprise? Considering all the related moves in the last week alone -- Google mobilized Priority Inbox, Conduit's app platform went mobile, Antenna extended their mobile platform -- perhaps it is. 

Is Enterprise 3.0 the "Mobile Enterprise"?

"While Enterprise 3.0 has yet to be defined by academia or business, the year 2011 will no doubt mark the beginning of the Mobile Enterprise," wrote management consultant Rich Blank. "If this is indeed the case, the first question is whether or not Enterprise 2.0 is over." 

It's a valid question considering the level of change in recent years. Today the term Mobile Enterprise goes beyond accessing news, e-mail or basic information via a smartphone-- today it's a continuation in the cultural shift as we evolve beyond everything and everyone becoming collaborative and social.

And yet, according to Blank, it's comprised of concepts we've long since been familiar with: 

  • Cloud Computing
  • Universal Access
  • Personalization

We've tossed around the term "Enterprise 3.0" a few times before, but perhaps this time it'll stick. Head on over here for more of Blank's insight. 

Google Priority Inbox Goes Mobile 

Here's a little Google gem in honor of this month's theme: Priority Inbox for your mobile device.

Launched last fall, Priority Inbox targets the average corporate worker, who, according to a 2010 e-mail statistics report from The Radicati Group, sends and receives more than 150 messages per day.

The tool uses algorithms and tracked behavioral patterns to automatically categorize messages as they arrive in your inbox. Should Google make a mistake, you can adjust the rating manually with a set of plus and minus buttons (sort of like Pandora).

Now, once you set up Priority Inbox in the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll be able to access a Priority Inbox section when you visit from your mobile device's browser. 

The feature is available for most mobile browsers that support HTML5, such as devices running Android 1.5+ and iOS 3+.

Conduit's App Development Platform Goes Mobile

There's no doubt about the mobile app market being Conduit's (news, site) 2011 target. Its Mobile Platform features a build-once, deploy anywhere model, and apps can be rich in both content and design:


The Conduit Network already features more than 250,000 clients and has hundreds of millions of users. Apps are free to develop and can be tied in to social networks to help them proliferate.

As our own Geoff Spick puts it: "From marketing tools for big brands to neat time savers for valued clients of SMBs, there is little reason not to try an app and see what it can do for your business. If you want some inspiration, check out the existing web app store. If you are attending MWC, visit Conduit at booth #2F29."

Or, redirect yourself to our own coverage for more details. 

Antenna Extends Mobile Platform, Adds Mobile Commerce via Volantis Acquisition

The last time we talked about Antenna Software, the mobile enterprise solutions provider had just introduced its collection of mobile apps into the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) Approvals Suite. This week they announced their acquisition of the mobile Internet software company, Volantis Systems Ltd. As a result, Antenna will begin to leverage itself as a complete end-to-end mobile solutions provider for enterprises and carriers.

Now the company hopes to meet the needs of all types of consumers within and outside the enterprise. As 2011 begins with a heightened focus on mobile, Antenna’s acquisition affords them a unique position to capitalize on the exploding growth of both mobile web users and mobile applications.

Further, with a combined customer base of heavy hitters like T-Mobile, IBM, AT&T, as well as ETrade, DirectTV and Xerox, Antenna is poised to be a key player in the mobile enterprise. Get more details on the acquisition here