Twitter-client Hootsuite has just unveiled a set of improvements to its social media dashboard. Using HTML 5, the changes include new interface themes, better Facebook (news, site) publishing functionality and language localization possibilities.

Amongst the features that will improve the Hootsuite experience is the integration of Google Analytics which will enable business users to establish patterns across their traffic, and with the existing URL tool will enable businesses to dig deep into client responses without having to leave the Hootsuite site.

Hootsuite HTML 5 Features

Citing the release of Google’s HTML5 site and with others like Apple now on-board, the Hootsuite blog said the release aims to make Hootsuite easier to use. It also offers new features like geo-search, drag-and-drop functionally to place files and images into the message box, as well as performance enhancers like quicker tabs and streams. Some of those features include:


This is a new function that enables users to search tweets based on location information sent by other users. The information can be siphoned so that users can locate tweets that originate from their areas, or from an area of choice.

Hoot_Suite_geo searchable.jpg


One of the most pronounced changes is to the dashboard enables users to choose themes. There is also a significant increase in the amount of space for updates and better organization of existing features.


Hoot_Suite themes.jpg


Facebook Functions

According to Hootsuite one of the most requested changes was the ability to include a photo when you upload a link to Facebook as well as the ability to add titles and descriptions for clearer and more attractive updates.

There are also a number of additional keyboard shortcuts including SHIFT+ENTER to send a message. But it won’t stop there -- the company says they will be releasing further shortcuts later on.

Google Analytics in Dashboard

One of the most useful upgrades for businesses is the inclusion of all Google Analytics data in the Hootsuite dashboard cutting out the need to switch screens to get at information about site traffic, location and site performance.



It is now possible to re-tweet in Hootsuite automatically by adding RT after Twitter added that functionality. Hootsuite users can now re-tweet using RT, or use the automatic Twitter re-tweet function.

Other Features

There are a number of other improvements that should create considerable interest. There is, for example, interface localization in Japanese with other languages on the way, while the whole application is faster and more responsive, Hootsuite says.

Help desks and channels will also be easier to access directly through the new dashboard, where users are being encouraged to respond to this latest release in preparation for future releases.

The response to the new features so far has been generally positive from users who have already started using them, so probably worth a look to see.