Not too long ago, Google (news, site) trumpted its real-time search as adding value to current events. Then it vanished after arguments with Twitter, but could return thanks to the rise of Google+.

Making News Searches More Relevant

Google+ has picked up some 25 million users in around a month, a furious growth rate for an experimental beta that started out as invitation-only social media service. With all those people talking, it provides Google with a new stream of information to replace Twitter as the prime force behind its real-time search updates.

Meanwhile, a few months ago, Google's search results added a smart new feature to its pages that showed off tweets relating to searches made about breaking news stories. Google deactivated the feature back in July when it couldn't agree with Twitter over access to its industrial-strength news firehose that powers a lot of business uses of the microblogging service.

Plus-Sized Search

While nothing is certain, Google will  be looking to improve the currency of its search results again when it comes to happening-now events, rolling news and mass-interest stories. It plans to do this by using Google+ feeds along with Facebook and other services.

So, the real-time feature could return, as was mentioned at a Churchill Club search panel by Google's guru Amit Singhal, one of the best in the business. As for Google+, new features are being added all the time, and the mobile apps are out there, so if you've curtailed your interest after the frenetic launch, now may be a good time to go back and see what's changed.