Autonomy Reports Record 2009, thanks in part to Interwoven Acquisition
So, Autonomy (news, site) had a pretty good 2009. No surprise there, considering the company ate up every bit of Interwoven around this time last year.

Numerically speaking, Autonomy’s revenues increased by 47 percent—the highest in the company’s history. But make no mistake about it; these fancy numbers don’t mean Autonomy is getting ready to jump the search gun and run toward a world of enterprise content management. Rather, the company sees it as a shift towards serving the governance, risk and compliance market. 

"We're a great believer that the traditional model of content management will change because of this Managed In Place thing," said Autnomy's CEO, Mike Lynch, in reference to the company's model for automatically managing information in real time without manually relocating data.  

Autonomy's rise to record-breaking glory wasn't without a hardship or two--a.k.a. the terrible economy. But it didn't seem to hinder the company, as they continued to invest in their technology. In the end the hard work paid off: Autonomy still sealed 66 new deals over US$ 1million in 2009 and 47 new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreements.

Sticking with Enterprise Search

How will they keep up their success in 2010? "During 2009 Autonomy did a lot of work to prepare for a possible upturn in 2010" continued Lynch, "including significant new IDOL product development, launches and expansion of our IDOL hosted capabilities."

Again, no surprise there. If Enterprise Search were a person, it would surely stand and say "I'm kind of a big deal." And rightfully so. People are more often than not turning to specialized vendors, and plenty of acquisitions to prove it. 

"Regulation and litigation remain search drivers and we're seeing a lot more on e-commerce so companies understand what people are interested in and what they're trying to buy rather than just relying on the old keyword box," explained Nicole Eagan, chief marketing officer at Autonomy. 

Charmed? Keep an eye out for more developments.