Open Text eDOCS Roadmap
Nearing the end of its Content World 2008 Conference, Open Text announced new plans for its eDOCS product line that will give customers the flexibility to leverage the latest ECM technology.The plan includes new enhancements for eDOCS, more integrations with the Open Text ECM suite and more play time with Microsoft.

eDOCS Overview

Over the last year, Open Text has been working hard on several new solutions and integrations for records management product eDOCS, including the U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2-STD certification last October, integration of BPM capabilities and with Enterprise Connect, an Open Text Content Service which allows customers to provide customized views of business information to users in familiar applications.E-mail filing and archiving capabilities were also added to eDOCS via integration with the Open Text ECM Suite allowing eDOCS users to file and archive e-mail. Continuing to play friendly with Microsoft (on many various fronts), Open Text recently released a new solution for SharePoint and its Lifecycle Management issues under the name of Open Text Content Lifecycle Management Services for Microsoft® SharePoint®, eDOCS Edition. “Customers’ ECM investments are strategic and critical to their operations. We remain committed to our eDOCS customers and ensuring that they have the flexibility to leverage the latest ECM technology in a way that delivers the greatest value for their organizations,” said Chris Lynch, SVP for ECM solutions line of business for Open Text. Open Text promises to continue to enhance Content Lifecycle Management Services for SharePoint, eDOCS edition. Open Text will also continue to introduce new solutions for eDOCS that leverage key capabilities from the Open Text ECM Suite.

eDOCS New Roadmap

Going forward, Open Text wants to give eDOCS customers multiple options for their ECM strategy. Customers have the option to continue with eDOCS and leverage further enhancements and new integrations with the Microsoft platform slated for 2009. Alternatively, they can move to the Open Text ECM Suite to meet expanded ECM requirements. Open Text has already made its first move into the Windows Azure cloud by announcing its “first-of-its-kind” records management and archiving capability for Microsoft’s new cloud-based operating system. Open Text plans to leverage these cloud-based capabilities on its Enterprise Library Services (which are part of Open Text’s Content Services) offering early next year. With Enterprise Library Services, customers will be able to integrate and extend ECM technology across their organizations. It is quite clear that Open Text aims to provide a complete solution for any ECM need, so that customers are happy in every phase of their ECM journeys and don’t even think of looking beyond Open Text.Lynch adds, “According to research we’ve done with our customers, eDOCS DM 6 customers have requirements that closely match what’s offered in the Open Text ECM Suite in terms of broader compliance requirements and wider enterprise-scale ECM needs.”Based on this feedback, Open Text will offer them an easy path to move to the Open Text ECM Suite “when they’re ready.” If not, customers can stay on the eDOCS platform and enjoy “major new solution enhancements for the eDOCS line in 2009.” Open Text’s other major plans include support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 in the first half of 2009. Open Text also plans to release a new version of eDOCS code named “eDOCS 14” with full support for Microsoft Office 14.

Open Text and Deloitte

On a different note, Open Text announced a strategic alliance with Deloitte for Enterprise Content Management Solutions, in which Deloitte professionals will provide Open Text ECM solutions and services worldwide.With so many plans for 2009, Open Text could definitely use a consulting/implementation partner hand.