pTools (news, site) gets a little bit social with the introduction of new social media and social networking capabilities including an easy way to update your favorite social networks.

Everyone's Going Social

Ireland-based company pTools has a slick and efficient enterprise CMS. However, as its competitors continue to throw out feature updates, it took a slightly more methodical approach with SharePoint and document migration towards the end of last year. Now it is finally ready to add those oh-so-important social elements.

What clients will get is a range of new features that keep the company in touch with its customers or fans. For example, automatic posts to Twitter as a document is published. The content will also be fed to search engines including Google and Bing for indexing.

Speedy Social Updates

Messages can be posted on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites -- all done automatically to save admins posting endless messages. A practical example of pTools in action is cited in a news article where a U.K. police force is using pTools. They use the CMS's technology to warn the locals of scams or trouble spots, update them on traffic news or request information about local crimes.

This adds to the CMS's existing abilities to post RSS messages to help users follow the workflow. It also has a content element model that allows suitable content to be displayed in different formats such as smartphones.

Take In A Social Show

The new changes are available now for users, potential customers can see them in action at an Irish Digital Media summit at the end of the month. It features a range of technology companies including Google with keynotes on global online advertising, network tuning and the new media economy.