Alpine Data Introduces Data Science with Friends

Ok, we’re being a little funny with the headline, but, seriously, data science provides more and better insights — faster — when it’s a team sport. And the ability to leverage data-driven intelligence at the speed of business is what it’s all about. Otherwise, all of the data wrangling and clever algorithms are pointless.  After all applying even the most brilliant insights at the wrong time is, at best, a waste of resources. Worse yet, it can be harmful.

The crew at Alpine Data Labs gets this. That’s why they’ve spent the last three years building advanced analytics software that makes it easier for data science teams, business analysts and others to work together and with the right tools.

Today the company is unveiling Alpine Chorus 4.0, its enterprise platform for advanced analytics.  Not only does it make collaboration easier, but it also enables universal data discovery and search, bi-directional integration between Hadoop and all major data platforms, as well as compatibility with Spark and Cloudera 5.

Find What You Need

The platform takes the slow and menial grunt work away from data science teams and frees them to spend their valuable time where they can make the most significant contributions and impact.

“Eighty percent of a data scientist’s time is spent finding data they want to work with,” said Bruno Aziza, chief marketing officer at Alpine Data Labs. That no longer needs to be the case, he adds, at least if you’re an Alpine customer, that is.

Alpine Chorus 4.0’s universal data discovery capability allows users to search for, find and use data regardless of where it is. Aziza said it’s the industry’s first and only tool that allows Hadoop and non-Hadoop data to sit on the same platform and  enables “Google-like” searches by browsing any file, model, workflow, comment and dataset, regardless of where it lives. This eliminates is the need to write code, which was the only option until now.

Once data is discovered, it can be visualized through powerful heat maps, scatter plots and histograms, all without data movement, which adds a layer of understanding on top of any data.


Other things worth noting is that Alpine Chorus is written and optimized to work in parallel, making analysis at big data speed a reality. It also takes advantage of the latest innovations.  for example, Alpine Chorus 4.0 is the first advanced analytics platform to be certified on Cloudera CDH 5 and Spark. Alpine’s engineers are contributors to open source projects such as Spark, Sqoop, Madlib and MLlib, which keeps them at the cutting edge.

“The world of data science, up until now, has been locked in in computers and brains,” said Aziza.

Where's the Value?

Companies want to see quick business value from their big data investments and Alpine is in position to help deliver that. It’s no wonder that, in the last six months alone, the company has tripled its customer base and has grown by over 200 percent in the financial services, online media, government, retail and manufacturing sectors.

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