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Establishing corporate governance policies are one thing; implementation and enforcement are another. AvePoint has announced its DocAve Governance Automation product to enable end-to-end service request management for creating and managing governance policies in Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

AvePoint co-CEO Dr. Tianyi Jiang said in a statement that the company’s customers “were seeking a way to automate the custom-coded governance solutions they were creating for their existing SharePoint deployments.” AvePoint noted that, when governance solutions in SharePoint are custom-coded, organizations need to allocate the resources for the code to be built, tested, adapted and maintained within the organization.

‘Tremendous Need’

Jiang added that the DocAve Governance Automation product was designed to be configurable to meet the needs of both large and small organizations.

In a posting on the DocAve blog, the company said that there was a “tremendous need” among the customer base for ways to control “the myriad custom service request systems that organizations have been building for their deployments in a way that abided by organizational governmental policies while not hindering business productivity.”

For CIOs, the stakes could be high. AvePoint noted a recent Gartner Research report predicting that, within four years, 20% of CIOs in regulated industries could lose their jobs because of failures to implement governance policies successfully.

DocAve Goverance Automation, which was shown last year at Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference, uses service requests that support customizable approval processes and reporting, and allows for the definition of policies, metadata, approval processes, permissions and auditing criteria.

Site Provisioning, Collection

While AvePoint is assessing the possibility of adding other automated service requests, the initial ones offered in this product, based on frequency of customer requests, are site provisioning and site collection, with such necessary approvals and criteria as permissions, data protection, content retention and storage.

Also offered in Governance Automation are approval processes for renewal of site collection leases and notification of site collection inactivity. IT administrators can establish the relevant approval process, policy and service criteria.

End users can submit service requests to IT, or an IT department can notify business owners that authorization is pending and needs to be decided in light of the company’s policies. The product also allows costs to be allocated, based on an analysis of business usage on SharePoint.

Governance Automation uses AvePoint’s management platform, DocAve 6, which provides data protection, administration, replication, storage optimization, compliance, reporting and migration.

Started in 2001, the Jersey City, N.J.-based AvePoint is a worldwide provider of enterprise-level solutions for Sharepoint-based governance and infrastructure management.