Box Notes Takes Flight

Finding Box Notes in your Box iOS app may not seem like that big deal. But for Box users who want to create simple content or collaborate with their team mates while on the road, it could be huge.

Launch the Box app on your iPhone or iPad, select “Create a Note” and you’re in business. There’s no need to download software or open the premium Office app. Same holds true for Google Docs, Evernote or whatever.

Plus the option to create, share, discuss and work together with others in real time or offline is simply there. And get this, you’re always in sync, always on the Cloud, and you’re not breaking any compliance rules while you’re at it.

Like with Box itself, Enterprise worthiness is a given.

It's that Easy

When you finish what you’re doing, you save it to your Box folder so it’s there with the rest of your content.

If only the rest of life was that simple.

For anyone who’s not already familiar with Box Notes, it’s a lightweight document creation tool that lives in Box. You can use it to share ideas, make modifications or corrections in real time and with others and so on. When you’re working on a PC or Mac, the content is accessed via a browser.

Starting today it will appear in Box’s iOS app as well, the interface will appear as native to the device.


Though we have yet to see it action, the experience ought to be on par with those found in the rest of Box. It’s difficult to imagine any EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) provider going to market with anything that’s less than delightful. A single negative experience can send a prospect to a competitor because they’re always at choice. Even if IT has mandated a particular service or solution.

Take that, IT director.

And if you’re an EFSS vendor, you have to keep raising the level of your game or you risk losing business.

If you’re an end user, life is sweet!

Of course Box CEO Aaron Levie knows all of this. And it might, very well, what drives him to keep innovating.

Keeping Things Secure

But the end user is not the only one he needs to worry about.

Box is an Enterprise Sync and Share solution and it therefore must also adhere with industry regulations around things like security, encryption and sharing permissions.

Need to work with an external party in a secure and compliant fashion?  Box Notes handles that too, so you don’t have to.

What can you use Box Notes for? Things like first drafts of documents, meeting agendas, status reports, crowdsourcing, and many others that Box hasn’t thought of yet, but you will.

Since the feature is free to Box subscribers, there’s no reason not to download it and give it a whirl.

After all, you will be using it, or something like it, very soon, anyways. This is one of those features that has an organic feel, like it always should have been there.  A few years from now you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

If you use the Android version of Box, we’ve been told that Box Notes will show up in your Box app very soon.