Further evidence that big data is going mainstream is the announcement from Hortonworks that its Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows (HDPW) is available in beta, making it the first Apache Hadoop distribution that is available for both Windows and Linux.

Windows, HDPW

However, Hortonworks is not hanging around with this and although we are already half-way through the first quarter, HDPW should be on general releases as early as the second quarter.

Using it, Hortonworks continues its mission to extend Apache Hadoop to every corner of the enterprise. With this release, users will be able to capture any amount of data and share it in any format, scaled to any size.

It is also designed to be adaptable to new information sources and comes with the ability to explore and categorize those same new data sources and find new business insights. As it is also designed to fit into existing ecosystems, enterprises will be able to run it with existing tools, applications and processes.

As a result of this, Hortonworks will also have access to any enterprise that is working off Windows as well as the wider Microsoft community and can offer, as a result, a platform designed to integrate with existing Microsoft data management tools.

On top of this, enterprises will also have complete portability of their Hadoop applications between on-premises and cloud deployments via HDP for Windows and HDInsight Service.

…[HDPW] is the next critical step in our strategy of broadening the reach of 100-percent open source Apache Hadoop across the enterprise by enabling millions of Windows users around the globe to benefit from this next-generation data platform,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of corporate strategy, Hortonworks.

Microsoft, Hortonworks

HDPW is the first concrete product from the “strategic relationship” that Microsoft and Hortonworks announced nearly two years ago.

At the time the stated aim of the partnership was to accelerate and extend the delivery of Apache Hadoop-based distributions for Windows Server and Windows Azure.

Hortonworks' Hadoop-based expertise brought input around feature roadmap and designs, feedback on code reviews; and regression and acceptance testing to the equation.

By helping bridge the Apache Hadoop technology and knowledge gaps that exist with enterprises, system integrators and technology vendors, we can accelerate production deployments of Hadoop as a powerful solution to big data challenges,” Eric Baldeschwieler, CEO at Hortonworks said at the time the partnership was announced.

Microsoft announced public test builds of Hadoop for Azure and Hadoop for Windows in October 2012. Neither company offered a final release date for the Azure offering.

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock: Verticalarray