IT as a Business Now We Have New Tools

IT should be run as a business, so says Gaurav Rewari, founder and CEO of Numerify, a cloud-based analytical applications company that comes out of stealth today.

And IT is a business that is badly in need of management, especially as on-premise applications move to the cloud.

“We’re in the midst of a great migration,” said Rewari. He compares it to zebras crossing the savanna. Only this migration isn’t as orderly. (Not that the zebras are.)

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The end result is a great fragmentation — cloud applications that are islands of data, logic and analytics.

“Cloud-based applications weren’t built to talk to each other,” said Rewari. So after the migration, companies no longer have a single view of the Customer, Employee, Supplier or Partner over time.

And while that’s a problem, Numerify has a solution: turnkey cloud analytics applications in key domains such as finance, sales and IT.

Today the company is launching Numerify360 for IT, which it calls “the next generation IT analytics application”. It promises to provide a 360-degree view of the Business of IT, which includes operational information on IT assets, IT services, call center data, IT human resources, project management and finance.

Better Integration, More Insight The idea is that these sources need to be integrated, over time, to provide insights and to answer some of today’s most important questions like, which applications should be moved to cloud based on their stability, problem rates, number of users, total costs across hardware, server, licenses and maintenance and so on …

Numerify360 for IT includes:

  • Pre-built applications that address the critical questions business users need answered, such as backlog performance, agent productivity, SLA adherence, root cause analysis, and cost of service reduction.
  • Tailored business views delivered through interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect layouts, rich visualizations, email alerts, mobile applications, and self-service, visual data exploration tools.
  • All the technology foundations of an analytical system (multi-source data integration, columnar storage, in-memory cubes, logical modeling, and advanced visualizations), normally accessible only to the largest organizations, now packaged as a subscription-based solution.

Rewari said Numerify360 for IT is built on a configurable, enterprise platform so that customers can extend and customize the application to answer novel questions that are important and unique to their specific business goals.


Numerify’s underlying platform is built on best-of-breed analytical technology that combines data from multiple cloud or on-premise sources and then applies sophisticated, mathematical modeling techniques to uncover trends, correlations, ranks, benchmarks and other relationships hidden within the data.

“We provide the tools that IT needs to measure their business like a CFO so that they can manage it like a CEO,” says Rewari.

Sweet Idea to VCs

If it sounds like a compelling pitch, then you’re in the company of leading venture capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and a number of A-list angel investors like Frank Slootman, CEO of ServiceNow; Amit Singh, president of Google Enterprise; and Deep Nishar, senior vice president of Products and User Experience at Linkedin.

Of course it’s hard not to have confidence in Rewari, who oversaw a $2.5 Billion analytics business unit at Oracle, his co-founder Srikant Gokulnatha, who oversaw Product Development for Enterprise Performance Management and BI software at the aforementioned firm, and a slew of other senior executives from companies like MicroStrategy, Siebel, Hyperion and Microsoft.

These are people who know the problems that Numerify plans to solve and they’re obviously confident in the company’s vision, solutions, and its ability to deliver.