Google Updates Gmail for iOS With Improved App Integration

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Google seems to finally be getting up to speed with its iOS email app, with each update since the 2.00 relaunch adding valuable features. The latest 2.40 tweak adds direct links to other Google apps, and improves the attachments experience. 

Mailing Across the Googleverse

Are you still using your default iOS Mail app for Gmail? The reasons to swap over to the official version are becoming pretty compelling. The new update to 2.40 for iOS users adds what Google, hopefully euphemistically, describes as an enhanced attachment experience, which basically shows off larger thumbnails for images attached in your mails, these can be opened up at a tap into a full screen view.

With the image open you can save it your Photos folder or Print it out direct from the app. That's a pretty neat update in itself, and beneficial to all, but for those embedded in the Google's world there is also improved integration with other Google apps.

Google Drive and Google+ links now take users directly to the app, if it has been installed, which is pretty much a likelihood if you have the Gmail app running. So, a Google Docs document stored in Drive can be emailed to your team or clients and they can pop it open with the minimum of fuss. This feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off in settings if you don't want it. 

Learning Opportunities

Google's World Within iOS

With all Google's apps now linking neatly together, it seems that Google is building a neat self-contained mini ecosystem within Apple devices. While the apps might not have all the bells and whistles of the Android versions, things seem to seem to be tracking closer together. 

Recent updates have added improved folder arrangements, Important email lists, and the joys of flicking between messages. If Google continues at this pace, how many iOS users will start to wonder just why they need an iOS device?

And there's lots of pressure to continue making progress with Yahoo pulling out major mail app improvements in recent months, Microsoft pushing Outlook.com and niche vendors looking to improve the email experience. If your email experience is a vital part of your online life, has switching apps saved you time and improved your state of mind? We'd be interested to know which apps have helped maintain users' sanity. 

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