Trying to get over the IPO debacle, Facebook keeps rolling out the updates with a new iOS Camera app to better view, manage and send photos between you and your friends.

Getting Better at Mobile

Let's face it, the various Facebook apps for any mobile are pretty weak when it comes to handling images. The company is trying to rectify that with a new app, launching on iPhone today (and will presumably follow on Android and others).

It allows you to view photos from your friends faster, share multiple photos with the service quicker and comment on them. There are photo editing features and a collection of filters, remember this is the company that just picked up Instagram. Along with Facebook Messenger, it continues the trend of breaking out the social media service's various features into dedicated apps that do them better than the one app can manage.


Facebook Camera brings a better quality photo experience to your iPhone

You can read more about it and see some more pics on a Facebook post, but this is something that only trying first hand will really let us see how good it is. No word on if the app is iPad compatible, but given the difference in screen space, perhaps a dedicated version is coming

Learning Opportunities

Business as Usual

After the troublesome IPO, Facebook will be trying to win headlines for its services as quickly as possible. We've already seen the announcement of the upcoming App Center and are expecting more as it looks to monetize its services on popular mobile platforms which are seeing massive usage, advertising and revenue growth.

Facebook needs to get its revenue generators working on mobile platforms as quickly as possible if its to avoid further pressure on its stock price in the quarters ahead, ignoring all the trouble it is already in.