Gamification solution provider Bunchball has released Nitro for Salesforce, a product designed to enhance customer support services and sales teams engagement.

Start at the Source

A good customer experience is the key part of any business, which is something that Salesforce, as a customer relationship management provider is always looking to improve. Although many products, such as the Zendesk for Salesforce product are focused on the customer, sometimes improving this field starts with the people the customers talk to: the customer service and sales staff.

With the launch of Nitro for Salesforce, Bunchball and Salesforce are looking at improving the customer experience by improving the employee experience through game mechanics, since the more equipped and happy an employee is with their job, the better they are at it.

"Service, support and call center work can be highly repetitive and monotonous, which can lead to problems in productivity, absenteeism and turnover -- problems that directly impact the quality of service a company delivers to its customers." says Joe Fisher, Vice President of Products at Bunchall. “By adding the motivational power of gamification to Service Cloud, the latest release of Bunchball's Nitro for Salesforce offers an easy and effective way for service organizations to engage and focus agents who daily face high volumes of calls and ever-increasing productivity goals.”

So… What is Nitro About?

In using Nitro for Salesforce, companies can determine customer service or sales areas that need improvements. For example in having real-time feedback supervisors executives can immediately see how well an employee is doing and based on that information set work goals or congratulate them on a job well-done. In turn, this will show employees that their achievements are being noticed and appreciated, while telling them where they need improvement.

In addition to real-time feedback, employee rewards and a tallied point system, other key features include a pre-built user interfaces, pre-configured point economies and an optimized administration console. Nitro can also be integrated with Salesforce Chatter, so the ability to motivate employees can extend to work done through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

A Two-Way Support System

Both employees and their supervisors can use Nitro.

Employees can use it monitor their own progress. Once they enter the Service Cloud console they can see their current point tallies, how more points they need to reach a certain level and view what rewards they are working on.

As for supervisors, they can make a leader board and ranking system to check for employee engagement, see who has completed certain challenges and at what level each employee is at. This information can be publicly displayed if the supervisor or manager chooses to.


Nitro for Sales force is currently available in the's AppExchange Social Enterprise Showcase or from the Bunchball website.

Updates are Everywhere

This new product isn't the only recent release from Bunchball. Just last year they released a two app collections aimed at improving customer and employee engagement: Fuse and Sparks. As for Salesforce, a variety of companies have been partnering with the company. For example, with the Salesforce Chatter service, Smarsh introduced Archiving and Compliance for Salesforce Chatter, which allowed companies to manage chatter files more easily. Also, Alfresco recently released a Connector for Salesforce which is designed to improve productivity in sales departments.