Customer relationship management provider, Salesforce has integrated with Zendesk, a help desk software provider, to create Zendesk for Salesforce, a tool designed to improve the customer help experience.

Both Salesforce and Zendesk are continually working on improving their products by partnering or integrating with other products -- Zendesk recently became part of the Hootsuite App collection when the company updated its app directory. On the other side, Salesforce has improved its social insights analytics through partnerships with TrendSpottr and Lexalytics and introduced a new marketing application with Aprimo.

The Problem with Customer Support

Knowing your customer's wants and needs is a key part of any successful company. Zendesk has found that while there are software products out there aimed to improve customer interaction, many companies rely on CRM tools which can cause problems, as this product filters information. By combining with a tool that tracks how support teams interact with customers, businesses will get a more complete picture of their customer base and improve how sales and support teams work together.

Zendesk says there are four things companies should keep in mind when trying to solve this problem.

  • Easy-to-use ticket management: In order for this integration approach, this customer-issue reporting tool must belong to an easy to use interface.
  • Multi-channel: In the past, customer experience was based on a phone-in customer service station, but businesses should make sure that all communication platforms are available -- email, chat and phone, social media, message board and web portals.
  • Self-service: Sometimes customer problems are easily fixed by talking to other people with the same issue, so businesses should have a community forum feature.
  • Best practice workflows: This tool is used so that everyone involved is kept up to date. Tools in the workflow feature include automatic customer and agent notifications, the ability to share and collaborate on tickets and option to set service level agreements.

Introducing Zendesk for Salesforce

To combat these problems and utilize the solution, Zendesk and Salesforce have created Zendesk for Salesforce, a sales CRM or a web-based customer relationship management approach.

There are three themes that this new product concentrates on -- improving customer relations, syncing sales and support teams and how effective a business can be.

  • Customer Satisfaction: To improve the customer conversation, those who use Zendesk for Salesforce will not only have easy access to customer profile information in the Zendesk platform, but this information can be pulled up beside the “live ticket,” so that the representative can see exactly whom they are speaking to in conjunction with their current issue.
  • A Complete Sync: With this new product, Zendesk and Salesforce aim to combine sales and support teams in order to solve customer problems more quickly by syncing tickets, contacts and accounts. Any work that is done on a ticket within one platform is automatically synced with the other platform, so both sales and support teams can see the progress. Also, while customer records are maintained in Salesforce, they can be viewed in both Salesforce and Zendesk.
  • An Effective Team: In addition to seeing ticket data and customer profiles, users will have access to pre-built reports that can help teams analyze customer trends and areas that need improvement.

Zendesk for Salesforce, offers a “dynamic two-way data sharing integration.”