Aprimo Enables Interactive Inbound Marketing Within Salesforce

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Aprimo, a provider of cloud-based automated marketing solutions, is releasing Aprimo Service to Sales, a new interactive inbound marketing application that works with Salesforce.com.

Taking the Intelligent Approach

Aprimo Service to Sales utilizes customer interaction data from the Web, call centers and retail points-of-sale in real-time to provide targeted offers for cross-sell and up-sell programs. The solution is designed to continuously learn and become more intelligent over time as customers respond to customized offers.

Service to Sales is intended to leverage successful inbound customer service interactions by using real-time data to make customized offers at the conclusion of these interactions. The solution includes an offer repository, a business rules engine, a contact history database and self-learning predictive analytics.

Let Your Data Do The Talking

Aprimo’s latest release is in line with a marketing strategy of “using Big Data to obtain actionable insights,” which CMSWire contributor Marisa Peacock summarized as “let your data do the talking,” espoused by Aprimo Chief Marketing Arthur Lisa Arthur in a recent CMSWire interview.

Arthur said that one of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to putting big data to use is making sense of the conversation. What are you trying to achieve by speaking to your customer? Conversely, what is your customer trying to tell you? By mining your data effectively, the message becomes more concrete and less interpretive, more of a science than art.

Learning Opportunities

However, as you glean your intelligence for insights, use it to ask better questions for how it relates to your company goals. In other words, take a customer service conversation, mine it for actionable insights that can be used to create a real-time personalized offer, and also retain and aggregate that data to learn more about your customers and their preferences. With Service to Sales, Aprimo appears to be bringing Arthur’s vision of a data-driven, customer-centric marketing environment one step closer to reality.

Teradata Eyes IMM

Enterprise data warehousing technology vendor Teradata, which purchased Aprimo in December 2010, also purchased email/digital marketing solutions provider eCircle in May 2012. According to Gartner analysis, Teradata hopes that “a combination of its database, eCircle, Teradata Aster Big Data management/analysis software and Aprimo will eventually enable Teradata/Aprimo customers to use Big Data analytical insights for integrated marketing management (IMM).”

To define IMM, Gartner gives the example of a retailer automatically texting the location of the nearest store in reply to a tweeted customer compliant so the customer can go there for problem resolution. Without using eCircle functionality, Service to Sales is definitely in the spirit of IMM, even if it does not fully embody all IMM aspects.

Service to Sales combines Aprimo softwarefunctionality with the Salesforce Service Cloud and other Salesforceapplications and is available immediately via salesforce.com'sAppExchange.

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