SharePoint may have started as a document focused collaboration tool but it's certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings. So where does SharePoint go from here? Be sure to join us Wednesday, August 28th as we host a great panel in a Google Hangout to discuss the changing face of SharePoint in the enterprise.

The push to the cloud, the Yammer acquisition and now Steve Ballmer’s departure -- change is afoot at Microsoft and the effects will be felt in SharePoint. 

What role does it play in the enterprise today and does the latest release change its position again? Do the changes improve or complicate the platform? Will users adopt or look to other, lighter weight solutions for the enterprise?

Join in as CMSWire holds a discussion on these questions and more. The Hangout will take place this Wednesday, August 28th at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT / 1700 GMT. 

The Panelists

We have assembled an expert panel that will keep the conversation going. Our knowledgeable panelists include:

  • Christian Buckley -- Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler
  • Jennifer Mason -- SharePoint Consultant at Rackspace Hosting
  • Peter Senescu -- President at MetaVis Technologies

The Questions

Our experts will be tackling the following questions during our hangout:

  1. What are the top SharePoint 2013 improvements and do you think they are sufficient to keep SP competitive in the market?
  2. In his SPTechCon keynote, Joel Oleson talked about responsive design and SharePoint. What needs to happen to improve SharePoint's mobile story?
  3. SharePoint + Yammer: What is your current perspective on the upsides and downsides of this acquisition?
  4. We mainly talk about SharePoint in terms of social, collaboration and document management, but what about business intelligence and search? How are these features progressing in SharePoint 2013?
  5. The SharePoint user experience is taking a beating. Is the UX a primary reason for adoption issues, or are there other factors at play in why organizations struggle with adoption?
  6. Office 365 seems to be taking away from SharePoint on-premises deployments, while some businesses are considering hybrids. What are the key drivers for each type of implementation (cloud, on premises, hybrid)?
  7. If you were chief architect of SharePoint, what would your next steps be for the platform?

How to Join

Be sure to RSVP on CMSWire's Hangout Event Page. The event will be streamed there, on CMSWire's Google Plus page and CMSWire's YouTube page.

We will also be live Tweeting highlights from the conversation on Twitter using the #socbizhangout hashtag so feel free to post questions on any of these outlets for our panelists.

Remember, you can always check out our step by step instructions if you're still having trouble seeing the Hangout.