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Eloqua, a provider of on-demand solutions for marketing automation and collaboration that fall under the fairly new heading of “revenue performance management,” is embedding the Chatter social business tool inside its marketing automation application.

As a result of this integration called Chatter inside Eloqua, users of Eloqua will have access to Chatter functionality without leaving the Eloqua platform, regardless of whether they are customers.

Eliminating Marketing-Sales Silos

“This will integrate marketing and sales silos within a company," said Rob Bois, product marketing manager at Eloqua, in an interview with CMSWire. “There is a significant challenge with the sales and marketing groups lacking a common set of tools for communication and collaboration. As a result, they operate in isolation.”

While Bois said ERP vendors have tried to solve this problem by connecting the “plumbing” of marketing and sales applications, this is only partially effective -- allowing leads to pass through the pipes but not eliminating organizational silos.

“Teams start relying on a hodgepodge of collaborative tools,” said Bois. “Nobody is connected to one another on the tools they use day in and day out.”

Bois said this situation results in employees having difficulty finding the right people to solve certain issues or answer certain questions, since they may not even know who in the company has the information they need. “People want more information, not more texts or emails or another corporate portal,” he said.

Providing Tight Alignment

In addition to allowing users to communicate with and locate each other via Chatter without leaving the Eloqua environment, Chatter inside Eloqua also provides relevant updates, such as alerts of when a prospect replies to an email from a particular marketing campaign. Bois said Chatter inside Eloqua works as an intelligent social platform, meaning it will recommend contacts for specific topics, including external partners, and also save the history of all discussions and collaborations for future reference.

Bois said Eloqua research shows the resulting “tight alignment” provides organizations with a 38 percent improvement in annual revenue growth compared to organizations lacking it, but only 8 percent of B2B organizations currently have tight alignment. “Until now, this type of alignment hasn’t been possible,” he stated. 

Eloqua Turns to Outside Help

Chatter inside Eloqua follows Eloqua’s integration with Compendium’s content marketing platform that was announced last month. The integration is designed so that marketers who employ Compendium for their content marketing can, with a few clicks, also use that content in Eloqua’s tools for demand generation campaigns, including triggered emails and automatic tagging for drag-and-drop sharing through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Earlier last month, Eloqua announced a technology integration with Kapost, a provider of content marketing software that would allow marketers to create, publish and promote marketing-related content and follow the impact on a buyer. Clearly Eloqua is looking to quickly and efficiently expand the functionality of its revenue performance management tools by making them more content-rich and collaborative.

Chatter inside Eloqua will be available at no extra charge to Eloqua users in Q4 2012.