Facebook is experimenting with a new comment structure. The social network is testing a threading comment system that aims to make comments more conversational.

Within the last year, Facebook has gone through a string of minor updates, including the change from Walls to Timeline and allowing users to edit their comments.

It's All About the Conversation 

This week, Facebook has introduced a possible update to their commenting system. The company has started a testing a thread-based comment system because they've noticed that sometimes comments tend to get buried if a lot of people are replying to a single thread.

With this new feature, users will still be able to reply to an initial post, but will also be able to reply to a particular comment. All of the comment replies will be curated together, making the thread easier to navigate so users won't overlook important comments and can also ignore those they don't find relevant. 

This change isn't only beneficial to individual users, but businesses as well. Posts made by companies about their products or services may receive hundreds of comments and likes a day. With this new feature they’ll be able to sort through what their fans are saying to make sure they have addressed all of their costumers concerns. As for customers, they’ll be able to easily find comments that are similar to what they wanted to say and either comment or like it -- without having to weave through 100 comments or risk posting the same information twice.


To Like or Not to Like

Facebook’s like button, which was introduced in 2009, is also playing a pivotal role in this new comment system. Comments with the most likes will automatically be rotated toward the top of the comment section. This will allow the most popular comments to be the focus and allow users to highlight the most relevant or interesting replies.

It’s unknown at this time if Facebook plans to stretch this new update beyond its trial users and offer it to the entire network.

Being Compatible with Facebook

Facebook aren't the only ones that have been rolling out updates that aim to improve customer experience within its social network.

Earlier this month, HootSuite added six new Facebook related features for its users, including demographic targeting. While in October, Dropbox integrated more with the Facebook social network by adding a file sharing button in groups.