dropbox_logo_2011.jpg Dropbox announced it is going a bit deeper in its Facebook integration by adding a file sharing button inside Facebook Groups.

We first wrote about the Dropbox/Facebook nexus back in March, and it looks like we were right about the two groups working more closely together. As to why the companies would choose Facebook Groups as the place to deploy this DropBox feature -- well, it's likely the easiest way to test it. Besides that, Groups may be more inclined to actually share things like schedules or classroom notes, for example.

Dropbox can upload all file types to Facebook. In the Google+ world, Google Drive only allows uploading of photos and videos.

A Button is Just the Beginning

As we wrote back in March, this is only the beginning of the Dropbox/Facebook sync. Dropbox already has a share option for Facebook and Twitter, but it was only accessible through Dropbox. Now, when sharing files in Facebook Groups, there is a native Dropbox button inside the share box. 

Of course, the button won't show up until you give Facebook permission to access your Dropbox, something many already have lamented on the Dropbox blog. But, much like the non existent Facebook exodus we have covered in the past, this isn't likely to keep people from using this new feature. 

The easiest way to connect Dropbox and Facebook is through Dropbox. If you are at the website, go to your name in the upper right and hit the drop down menu to find settings. From there, the second tab over is the account settings where the connect to Facebook button lives. 

Grant Facebook permission to access the link to the file, some basic info about the file (like name, size), and the ability to display a small preview.

Once Facebook has permission, Dropbox files can be loaded right into Facebook Groups. The existing Dropbox integration had only allowed for posting of links to Dropbox items, but in both cases, people are free to repost those links anywhere else. They are not private links on Facebook.

Cove Acquisition was the Key

When Dropbox bought collaboration startup Cove in February, that was the beginning of the Dropbox and Facebook integration. That's because the Cove team was partly made up of former Facebook execs Aditya Agarwal and Ruchi Sanghvi. Agarwal was director of engineering and Sanghvi had been principal product manager. Additionally, the Cove team brought over Akhil Wable who had helped engineer Facebook's search system.

Tell us in the comments what you think the next move will be for the intriguing Dropbox and Facebook tandem.