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“How the heck did I get stuck in this role?”

Admit it, you’ve probably run out of a meeting and into your cube, hidden your face in your hands and bitten your lip to keep yourself from screaming these words or others like them — at least once or twice.

If you’re like most people, you’ve worked in a department or on a project where your “assigned” responsibilities didn’t play to your interests or strengths. Maybe you’re someone who thrives on getting things done and that job has been assigned to the dreamer in the corner who keeps coming up with new ideas instead of acting.

And then there’s that woman who keeps telling everyone how great they’re doing instead of coming up with a plan.

Wouldn’t it be great if your team lead or manager knew the work styles of you and your coworkers better? And for that matter, you’d like to know a bit more about how everyone gets things done too. Like does “soon” mean in five minutes or “I’m still thinking" about the best approach?

It depends on who you’re working with and talking to, of course.

And while it would be great if a job title reflected a person’s work style, that’s usually not the case.

Getting Work Done

But that doesn’t mean that you (and we) are destined to live in the dark.

Later today, Jive Software, at its user conference JiveWorld 14 at the Cosmopolitan hotel inLas Vegas , will unveil the world’s first WorkType Finder, a new methodology aimed at helping people understand how best to work together.

It’s free to use and you don’t have to be a Jive customer to take advantage of it.

Explorer, Expert or Other

It’s a fun and invaluable tool, from our point of view, because by answering a handful of questions you your coworkers, and teammates can discover your work type. Which are you?

  • An Explorer who provides new ideas and fresh perspectives.
  • An Expert who helps solve the toughest problems.
  • A Planner who creates the processes to streamline what needs to get done.
  • An Optimizer who drives organizations to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • An energizer who achieves the impossible.
  • A Producer who brings vision into reality and delivers results.
  • A Connector who thrives on meeting new people and bridges gaps
  • A Coach who brings out the best in people

Making Work More Efficient

“By helping you understand your habits and how you, and others work, you can work better together,” says Clara Liang, chief products officer for Jive. At the same time managers can use Worktypes to create more effective teams.

Since we don’t know that the WorkType Finder is destined to be monetized, we can’t comment from a financial perspective. But when it comes to serving worker communities, it’s a testament to Jive’s commitment and expertise in collaboration and communication. 

In other words, it’s a grand slam.

Send this article with your coworkers and get them to check out Jive’s WorkType Finder and share the results. And for those of you who are into badges, Jive has them. You can feature you WorkType on your social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

You can connect to the free assessment here.

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