Last month we reported that Google Analytics was launching a set of social reports aimed at helping users measure their social reach more accurately. Last week it officially rolled out its social reporting tools and announced a few additions that didn’t make our first go-round.  

Export, Share Reports

Google Analytics users can now export and share reports. From the Export tab, users can download or email any report from their account. Users can also opt to set up sharing by scheduling email reports to send on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

google analytics_sharing.png

Google also added a share button to Custom Dashboards, Reports and Advanced Segments, which creates a link to the custom template you created and not actual account data. When the link is clicked, their own Analytics account will be launched and and the custom schema created will be populated with their own data.

Events Flow & Comparison

Google Analytics introduces an Events Flow Report to the Flow Visualization family, which helps users better track content as well as the order in which visitors trigger events and the paths they took to get there. The report also includes a data comparison feature so visitor engagement changes over time can be viewed at a glance.

google analytics_paths.png

Digital Marketing Attribution

Users can now assign credit across digital marketing campaign, making it possible to set values for all of the elements that led to online sales and other business goals. The Attribution Modeling tool gives users the ability to build and compare customized attribution models, so the impact of different channels, referral sources, campaigns and keywords can be determined. Attribution Modeling is a Google Analytics Premium feature.

google analytics_attribution modeling.png

These additional tools provide more flexibility and more ways to improve business and customer engagement by attracting new visitors and retaining customers. Have you begun using these tools? Please share your experiences in the comments.