OpenText Evolves Biz Management with Tempo Upgrade

OpenText is redesigning the way business information management is done with a number of new upgrades to its OpenText Tempo product line. The upgrades also offers practical examples of how its Project Red Oxygen will work.

The upgrades, announced this week, are intended to provide users a way to increase business productivity through secure social collaboration. OpenText is changing Tempo — essentially a collaboration application — into something that covers all the bases of enterprise collaboration, including enterprise file synchronization and sharing.

Tempo Upgrades

The newly bundled offerings come with Tempo Box 10.5, Tempo Note and Tempo Social 8.5. According to Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of Engineering at OpenText, it puts content and social interaction at the heart of business.

In effect, the goal is to ensure that enterprise IT environments are fully integrated and that all the assets workers need to accomplish tasks are readily available to them. He explained:

Tempo Box keeps both content and social interactions at the heart of collaboration to help companies grow into highly productive and integrated organizations. With the shift in communication models from hierarchical to social, enterprises want to accelerate the flow of information to make decisions faster at all levels of the organization."

More importantly, it continues a process of integrating social collaboration capabilities into new and existing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) products, which OpenText has been doing for some time as part of a wider initiative to integrate all its product lines, a strategy that was formally announced under the Red Oxygen banner at Open World in November.

Red Oxygen

Red Oxygen is something to watch.  If OpenText manages to pull it off, it will give substance to its claim to be the only EIM company that can provide enterprises with a completely integrated information management product line.

Unveiled at OpenWorld in November, Project Red Oxygen will pull five of OpenText’s integrated product suites closer together. While OpenText argued that doing so would give enterprises a competitive edge, it really means is that they won’t have to look further than OpenText to meet their enterprise IT needs.

Combined ,the five suites offer a unified developer platform, a consistent user experience, deep integration across suites and major new functional enhancements to enable CIOs to partner with lines of business for product or business development.

It also envisages the harmonization of new releases of new EIM software and upgrades across the five suites concerned, which include the Content, Process, Experience, Information, and Discovery suites. It also involves the use of AppWorks, a new unified development platform that provides a secure gateway for developers to create, deploy and manage applications that use OpenText services from any platform.

Tempo Collaboration

So with Tempo, which is the first product upgrade since the announcement of Rex Oxygen. all structured and unstructured information is now available and kept in sync with Content Server, providing one data model in a common repository with multiple views that can be leveraged to enable compliance.

In essence, what this means is that it is available to all the other suites when necessary and where applicable. In this case it enables users embed a social experience from Tempo into other OpenText EIM applications.

In this upgrade, then, OpenText is offering Tempo Note, as part of Tempo Box, giving users an integrated note-taking tool that enables the easy sharing of meeting, project or development notes with anyone else in the enterprise using file sync and share capabilities.

Tempo Social has also been upgraded and now has an HTML5 based mobile application available out-of-the-box as part of the AppWorks Mobile suite. This will enable users to keep all their enterprise data up to date and interacted with enterprise-based employees in real time.

Tempo is underpinned, of course, by OpenText’s enterprise content management (ECM) platform so all of the old and new capabilities are governed by Content Suite, which provides enterprises with a single version of the facts, which is applicable across all enterprises.

OpenText Tempo also integrates with the OpenText Experience Suite, which includes offerings that are designed to help create a richer, more interactive, and consistent online experience across multiple channels, mobile devices, and social networks.

This is only the first of what is likely to be a wide range of new releases and upgrades over the coming year and gives an idea of how Rex Oxygen will work in reality with upgrades in one product automatically accessible over them all.

Red Oxygen itself was not a surprise and refers back to OpenText’s original strategy of four pillars of EIM, which it outlined in 2012 and which envisaged a product portfolio that cover all the enterprise bases. OpenText has been working towards that since then and appears to be really pulling all the elements together.

Title image from OpenText.