Do you have a social media marketing plan for 2012? Will it differ from your 2011 efforts? Results from a recent social media marketing survey show that marketers are planning to invest heavily in social media marketing in 2012, but they are still grappling with getting sufficient resources and ROI.

In the new State of Social Media Marketing report sponsored by Awareness social marketing software, 77% of respondents lack sufficient resources for their efforts in the new year and 58% indicated that measuring return on investment would be a top challenge.

Social Platforms

In 2011, Facebook ranked as the preferred social media platform, followed closely behind by Twitter. For 2012, respondents are showing increased interest in investing in blogs, forums and YouTube, and experienced social media marketers indicate that foursquare, Flickr, SlideShare and Tumbler will also be used more.


Investment Priorities

As companies increase their social media marketing efforts and investments, one area stands out: Mobile. One-third of respondents said that mobile will be an investment area for 2012:

Where experienced social marketers differ from their less-experienced colleagues is in their planned use of robust social media monitoring and management platforms: 64% of experienced marketers plan increased investments in robust social media management platforms, compared to 43% of social marketing novices. Experienced social marketers will also see an increased focus on mobile social media presence."

The report also says that it is hard to determine whether the budget drives the focus, or the focus generates the budget. In any case, respondents with limited budgets said that increasing presence across social media platforms would be a top focus in 2012. Companies with larger budgets will invest in social media marketing tools and management processes.


Has your company's budget for social media marketing changed for 2012? Which areas will be your primary focus?