Weekend Reads: Social, the SharePoint Yammer Way + BPM for Multi-Channel Customer Experience

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What's that in the air? A bird? A plane? No, it's SharePointpalooza. Our month long focus on SharePoint's evolution continued this week with a few looks at the SharePoint Yammer conundrum and a question about how a changing user demographic could shape SharePoint's future. Our contributors also offered insights into how the customer voice is shaping marketing and told us that if you think mobile is all about usability, it's time to change your assumptions. Read on.

Top Social Business Article

The best tools don't make their presence known. Laura Rogers (@wonderlaura) believes SharePoint 2013 and Yammer succeed in not just being social, but being part of how we work: Accidentally Social - How SharePoint (and Yammer) Change Work As We Know It

'Social' tools and features in SharePoint and Yammer are really there to make your day more efficient and help you collaborate with colleagues. Hopefully with this new wave of SharePoint and Yammer in the enterprise, this 'social' will be embraced more by those who were previously under the impression that social equates to being non-productive." 


Be sure to check out the contenders to read some other perspectives on SharePoint and Yammer:

Top Customer Experience Article

How can companies provide strong customer service when customers switch channels like they switch ... umm ... TV channels? Ajay Khanna (@khanna_aj) thinks he's found the solution in Business Process Management + Social = Recipe for Effective Customer Experience

No matter what kind of channel of engagement a customer chooses — email, phone, social, web or retail location, the service must be consistent. Delivering a consistent experience is challenging because of fragmented data, disjointed systems and siloed multichannel interactions." 


Interesting reads to be found in the contenders list:

Learning Opportunities

Top Information Management Article

SharePoint's history is one of constant evolution, in many times as a direct reaction to demands of its enterprise users. With the opportunity for SMBs to test SharePoint that Office 365 opened, contributor Sean McDonough (@spmcdonough) asks Will Office 365 Change SharePoint?:

Today’s SharePoint is very much the result of years’ worth of enterprise customer usage and input. Although enterprise users still represent the majority of SharePoint’s user base, it remains to be seen if things will remain this way. In just a short time, Office 365 and its growing base of non-enterprise users has demonstrated the potential to alter this dynamic."


Our Information Management contributors covered a lot of ground this week:

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