This week we kicked off our month long focus on what's next for the social enterprise. We saw the need for social management and took a look at the enterprise social hunger games. Over in customer experience we debated the art vs. science of customer experience management and explored a new solution to our big data woes. 

Top Social Business Article

It's no doubt that social can change the way we work but Harold Jarche (@hjarche) believes that the social enterprise has not yet arrived. What we need to bring the social enterprise to its full potential is social management. Be sure to check out his article Social Business Needs Social Management to find out why.

... management is what really differentiates organizations. It was better management that allowed Japanese automobile manufacturers to dominate the North American market, using the same raw materials and work force. Most management practices have changed little since the beginning of the millennium. We still have many vestiges of early 20th century industrial management -- hierarchies; work standardization; job specialization; planning; and control."

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We had some great contributions this week in the social business space:

Top Customer Experience Article

We all know the key goal -- provide a positive customer experience, as those customers will be the ones that return. Marketers ask themselves multiple questions, one of which is whether the use of art or science provides customers with a lasting impression. Deb Miller (@debsg360) takes a look at both in her article Customer Experience Management: Art vs. Science. Which one wins? Read on to find out. 

The goal is to forge relevant interactions that are both efficient for the business to deliver and at the same time personalized for the customer. And sometimes it gets VERY personal, because after all, we are all consumers."

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Our contenders include:

Top Information Management

Many of us may think it's a secret fear, but the fact is millions of others share these feelings. Big data is scary. Those two little words can bring forth a look of terror on even the most successful CIO's face. There is a solution however to your big data woes as Virginia Backaitis explains in her article, Cloudera Unveils Big Data Search, No Special Training Required.

The point is that Information Workers, throughout the Enterprise, are chomping at the bit, demanding that they be given access to Big Data in short order. They are certain that it’s full of the game-changing insights which they need to leverage to win. But there’s a problem. Most CIO’s have trouble working with Big Data themselves and they have little, or nothing, to offer to business users."

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