Bringing Twitter to Your TV  Set with Bright House Networks
Google isn't the only one bringing the 'net to your television set. Thanks to itaas Inc. and the tru2way platform, Bright House Networks has a tool in the pipeline that will allow Twitter users to view their tweets on the tube. 

Tweet Tube

itaas' tru2way interactive technology platform has one mission: to change the way you choose, use, and enjoy your television set. Tuning into the social media craze, the company plans to launch a new application that provides Twitter interactive capabilities on tru2way enabled set tops.

Basically, the application will allow customers with Twitter accounts to simultaneously watch television and view tweets on their TV set:




Bright House Networks comes in as one of the company's first expected deployments, and us currently testing the app with an internal employee group.

“Leveraging the interactive capabilities of the set-top adds appeal and differentiation to programming,” said Vibha Rustagi, CEO of itaas. “Bright House Networks recognizes this and has utilized itaas' expertise to develop this application."

"Itaas provides the range of experience and expertise we look for in a development partner," added Bright House senior vice president of advanced technology Jeff Chen. "We counted on Itaas to provide a social networking application that leverages our existing set top capabilities.

Why It's Important

Imagine it: utilizing the power Google TV promises while keeping up with your Twitter-verse at the same time--without even turning on your computer. New access to a medium previously unavailable in this way means a little something for everyone, including a fresh challenge for marketers. Ads -- rich media ads in particular -- will likely carry more weight with such an integrated audience, in turn bringing analytics to the forefront of the marketing game yet again.

If you'd like to keep this development on your radar, you can do so here