Digsby Updates Include New Twitter Interface, Facebook Newsfeed
Digsby (news, site) adds yet more features to its packed, grid-computing supported, multiple-social-media application.

Cleaned and Polished

Digsby is a cool social media utility, there is no doubt about that. However, it looked a little off-color when installing the utility to be hit with a barrage of adverts for other toolbars and downloads, and the status of the grid-computing "feature" was less than clear. This has all been cleaned up and now Digsby can be welcomed with open arms.

The new features include a revamped Twitter interface. It runs in a single column and displays in a chronological fashion, so that you can actually follow a conversation rather than have to scroll around trying to find pieces of the thread. It does revert to a Web browser if you need view your followers and followees however.

There is also support for multiple accounts, automatic link shortening to save handling those long web links manually.

Packing Your Friends In

MySpace messaging is added to the list of services represented while Facebook support gets additional features with newsfeed interactivity, so you can post from Digsby. Add that to the multiple instant messaging services it can manage and the other social sites and Digsby makes keeping in touch and on top of your business contacts a lot simpler.

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux, the program looks just like an IM client, brimming with your contacts. However, at the bottom you can hold the cursor over any of your social accounts and instantly see the latest updates in a pop-up or floating window.

Grab hold of Digsby now if your social connections are threatening to overwhelm your desktop and life suddenly seems a lot less stressful.