Facebook & Amazon Connect in the Name of Social Shopping
 Facebook and Amazon have combined forces in order to make shopping on the 'net just as social as it tends to be in the physical world. 

By connecting their accounts,  Amazon shoppers will now be able to bring their Facebook friends to Amazon. They'll see their Facebook profile photo on Amazon’s site, as well as which of their Facebook friends have upcoming birthdays.

Gift suggestions for these friends will automatically be made based on the music, books and movies they've stated they like on both the network and Amazon wish lists. Additionally, recommendations for what users might want to buy themselves will also be made. 

Playing Catch Up?

In general, eCommerce has remained on the outskirts of the whole social phenomenon-- especially after we all saw eBay's grand plan to incorporate Skype crash and burn (turns out sellers and customers aren't that interested in communicating). Accordingly, Amazon hasn't been that big of a name in this context. This week's announcement changes things. Fortunately, this time it looks like it might be for the better.  

The connection itself is less connected than what we're used to seeing on Facebook. For example, connecting your Amazon and Facebook accounts does not mean all of your purchases will be posted to your Facebook stream. In fact, before you click that connect button, Amazon tells you what you're getting yourself into, loud and clear: 


A Good Pace

Amazon's business model has proved time and time again to be one worth taking notes on. Their recommendation engine rocketed them into an almost untouchable pool, and we imagine mixing it up with Facebook's now 500 million users will serve to extend their time in the sun (not to mention do right by social media marketing). 

Should you for any reason regret combining the two, Amazon says you can disconnect them at any time and all the information received from Facebook will be deleted from your Amazon account.