SlideShare Allows Companies to Sponsor Information Channels

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The SlideShare (news, site) service offers a cross between PowerPoint and YouTube. Now, it adds branded channels, giving companies, government and other agencies the chance to put their message across for the social Web to grab hold of.

Getting to the PowerPoint

Lets face it, corporate types love PowerPoint, getting those messages across in big words, snazzy charts and with punchy animation. However, PowerPoint seems to have little place in the world of Web media, a domain of micro posts, Flash animation and viral videos.

But, rising slowly up the corporate consciousness since 2006, SlideShare has offered a way for business to get its message across, converting those beloved PPTs into hip and happening Flash movies.

Now, it is offering branded channels for business, technologies, education and government, allowing sponsors such as Microsoft, Adobe, the White House and others to promote their message and get information across to consumers.

Staying on Message


The new channels make the site more friendly to companies wishing to use it.

With these channels in place, any topic from the big technological debate of the day to local political issues can be explained in an easier to digest manner, getting information out into the public domain. The idea is that readers will promote the SlideShare content on the other social sites with links on FacebookTwitter or forums.

Learning Opportunities

If you are exploring a subject for your company, as many researchers and decision makers are (with some 25 million monthly visitors), you can find more information directly related to it on one of these channels then you would by randomly searching the Web.

Channels act as repositories for a range of published information and the sponsors have the benefit of increasing their profile, becoming more associated with the subject and seeding it with their own published information.

Making Money with Channels

SlideShare has already added the ability to publish directly from the PowerPoint application and now it is boosting the way the site is monetized, with sponsors paying a nice premium for the leads and interest that a channel can generate.

The development of Channels follows on from the launch in 2009 of AdShare and LeadShare which have seen the site aiming to bring in more revenue. Pricing for a Channel varies, depending on the kind of presence the sponsor company requires.