Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Tweetmeme Tracks Twitter Hot Topics
  • Online Retailers Drawing More Traffic from Social Networks
  • Have Say Of What Google Says About You
  • Facebook Sees Substantial Growth In Asia and Africa

Tweetmeme Tracks Twitter Hot Topics

Ever wish you had a TechMeme-type service for messages on Twitter? That is, do you ever wonder which messages on Twitter are being retweeted over and over again? We have a few tools for tracking which topics are hot on Twitter, such as Twitter search trends. However, we need a real-time view into tweets that display heavy rotation on Twitter.

This is where Tweetmeme Live comes into play. The new service shows messages that have been retweeted at least twice. Users can set their preferences to filter out messages that have been retweeted a particular amount a times.

You can use Tweetmeme Live to see what is being discussed on Twitter in a mass-way. This site definitely should be added to your arsenal if you wish to track Twitter conversations.

Online Retailers Drawing More Traffic from Social Networks

As many people know, most traffic to online retailers comes from search engine sites such as Google, Live, Ask and Yahoo. However, according to a recent study from HitWise, these search-related referrals are falling. Recent figures show that 2 of every 5 visits to online retailers originate from a search engine. However, from March 2008 to March 2009, this referral number fell from 27% to 23%.

While search referral numbers may be falling, online retailers have seen an uptake in traffic originating from social networking sites. Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter account for a small portion of Internet traffic, but the users of these services are highly engaged and visit external retail sites when good products are found.

Have Say Of What Google Says About You

Are you concerned with your online profile? That is - what does Google say about you and how may it impact the perception people have of you when they type your name into Google? Google recently released a product known as Google Me that intends to give you control over what information Google users see when they search for your name.

By honing your Google Profile, you have the power to manage your online identity.  Your personal Google Profile allows you to edit your own biography, highlight your online home for services as Twitter pages, Flickr image libraries and more.

While we may not be able to control the Google search algorithms, Google Profiles are an excellent way to help manage a piece of your online profile. With Google's search market share, we suggest you enhance your current profile information. It might be a good way to land your next contract or job.

Facebook Sees Substantial Growth In Asia and Africa

We've recently reported in the Social Media Minute that Facebook is showing remarkable growth in areas outside the United States. Recent data derived from the O'Reilly publishing group shows that the popular social networking site is experiencing growth in Africa and Asia.

Specifically in Indonesia, Facebook has overtaken Friendster as the most popular social networking site. Looking at gender information, women represent the majority of Facebook users. Most interesting is that users over 55 years of age are fueling Facebook's growth as of late.

Over that last 3 months, Facebook growth has been at about 30%. However in Asia and Africa, Facebook witnessed 74% and 87% growth, respectively.

This dramatic growth shows that, much to the surprise of U.S. centric thinkers, Facebook recognizes that massive growth opportunities exist outside of North America. Facebook is wise to localize its social networking platform to other languages.