Twitter Data Now Commercially Available Through Gnip
In a move that will no doubt have a profound effect on social media monitoring, analytics company Gnip has announced that it will sell access to Twitter's data via a new partnership. 

In short, Gnip is offering limited access to Twitter's firehose through three products:

  • Twitter Halfhose: This volume-based feed is comprised of 50% of the full firehose.
  • Twitter Mentionhose: This coverage-based feed provides the realtime stream of all Tweets that mention a user, including @replies and retweets.
  • Twitter Decahose: This volume-based product is comprised of 10% of the full firehose. Developers who want to access this sample rate will access it via Gnip instead of Twitter. Twitter will also begin to transition non-display developers with existing Twitter Gardenhose access over to Gnip.

These products are for companies to perform analytics only, meaning the licences don't give companies the right to display tweets or to resell the data.

"We are excited about how this partnership will make realtime social media analysis more accessible, reliable, and sustainable for businesses everywhere," said Gnip's Jud Valeski in the company's official announcement. 

Why Gnip?

Thinking back to a time when 6 tweets per second was groundbreaking (2008), and comparing it to today's information overload sitch that such advancements in technology have promoted, finding the benefits of this partnership is easy. What's not as obvious, however, is why Twitter chose Gnip. 

ReadWriteWeb's Peter Warden, who reports he has known the Gnip team for years, says, "They really do have a unique level of experience in processing this level of data, and I'm not surprised Twitter turned to them when they needed a solution. I hope this run-down sheds a bit of light on why what they're offering is so attractive to Twitter and why it's good news for commercial third-party developers too."