One of the things the chief Drupalister Dries Buytaert is good at is creating buzz. His SXSW session (see our event coverage here) struck a chord for many. Entitled R.I.P. Content Management System, it is one of our most popular articles this week.

With open source CMS, Drupal and SXSW being quite the highlights, we also did a review of Drupal Gardens, a hosted version of the Web CMS stemming from the Acquia/Drupal project and based on Drupal 7 pre-release code.

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Many organizations either have a portal platform in place today or are considering implementing one. What is your take on portals? Do you have one? Do you plan to implement a portal technology? Here are the preliminary results:

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This poll will remain open until March 31. But don't wait until then, vote now and watch how the results unfold.

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Here's what's been brewing lately in the CMS jobs and careers field. Both seekers and employers, catch the best fish of the season on our content management job board.

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