Autonomy, VMS, Meaning-Based Media Intelligence

Autonomy (news, site) has partnered with VMS, a provider of media intelligence solutions. VMS will use Autonomy’s meaning-based computing software to build tools for media analysis and competitive intelligence.

VMS is planning to enhance its own PR and advertising solutions for media monitoring, measurement, analysis, competitive advertising and marketing intelligence, workflow management, analytics and PR measurement across all types of media.

Autonomy Interwoven web content management system -- powered by Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer -- will be used by VMS as an integration point for developing tools that can analyze different types of content and act accordingly.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) will also be part of the offering with Virage MediaBin, where meaning will be extracted from video and digital media.

Audio analytics from Autonomy can be used to analyze speech and music files.

VMS is no stranger to Autonomy’s circle, being their customer and partner. You may know VMS by their products, including Vantage and AdSight.

As Autonomy indicated earlier, meaning-based marketing (and meaning-based everything, really) is indeed coming to the forefront.