Bitrix Launches Social Network Module
Since we’re sure the added French and German language packs to Bitrix Site Manager earlier this month got you all ridiculously excited, you’d better brace yourselves because hot on the tails of that update is their new Social Network Module.Claiming their new module will “raise the bar for all social networking portals,” the features include the following: * Ability to create and manage multiple forums * Ability to launch and moderate multiple blogs on different categories * Moderated photo gallery that can run competition and quizzes * An advanced media player for movies, clips, trailers or even homemade videos * Powerful index-based search algorithm that makes content searching a breeze * Detailed registration forms to capture information of each user * Updates about other members or groups
Bitrix Social Network Module Interface

Bitrix Social Network Module Interface
So, if you're feeling up to it, that's the kind of spice you can add to your regular ol' portal using Bitrix. In addition to those features, you'll also be afforded multi-user functionalities including access levels for restriction and content privacy. Users can also upload and share all sorts of different kinds of media like photos, videos and audio files. Bitrix makes it a point to say this could be an especially beneficial tool for budding musicians! Aside from the new offering being good for music heads, we at CMSWire also think it's good for Bitrix. As we all know, integrating social networking capabilities is as hot right now as making all the things we love about the Web fun-size for our cell phones. Welcome to the 21st century.

About Bitrix

The CMS provider that never sleeps, Bitrix Inc. specializes in the development of content management systems, portal solutions and multifunctional information systems. Never happy to be idle, they're continuously pushing the envelope with new versions of their content management system, online training courses, or by adding fancy new features to their flag ship program like media players. Their latest addition of a social networking module is natural, nifty, and -- dare we say it? -- necessary. Check out the Social Network Module by hitting up their Virtual Lab here, or, go all out by downloading a trial of their Enterprise, Premium or Ultimate edition here.